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Everything for flying a drone

Some of the most important things to know
when flying a drone are:

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Latest drone rules in all countries.

Flying a drone is a serious activity that requires good knowledge and understanding of the drone rules and regulations. See our full list of drone laws in all countries.


Advices for flying a drone.

What I must know before performing a flight with a drone? We help you with different advice on how to make a safe and secure drone flight. Best practices and different methods of flying.


Latest news in the drone sector.

We provide the latest and verified news in the drone industry sector.
All current news from the world of drones and interviews with pilots and their advice.



Learn how to make most attractive and cool
videos and pictures with your drone


In this section, you can find reviews of the latest drone models released on the market. Full technical specifications and parameters of the new drones.

Don’t miss any new drone release. Read and compare the capabilities and technical parameters of new drones.



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Read drone rules and regulations of the place you wish to perform your drone flight.

Keep visual contact with your drone during the entire flight.

Always check and prepare your equipment with attention.

It is a good practice to have an Insurance.

Check the Weather forecast and fly only in good weather conditions.

Calibrate the Drone Compass before the flight.

Respect people’s privacy.

It is good to place a Badge on the drone with your Contact data.

Do not allow falling of any objects from the drone.

Don’t fly close to wild animals or nature reserves – you can disturb the wildlife.

Don’t fly your drone under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Never fly over Military facilities and objects.

Never fly close to Airports or Heliports.

Don’t fly above allowed Altitude.



The best weather conditions for flying a drone

The most optimal conditions for drone flight The ideal conditions are clear and quiet weather, slightly to medium cloudiness, medium temperatures, normal humidity, normal geomagnetic activity, very light wind. With all these conditions, the drone would fly decently and its control and landing would be normal and easy.

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10 tips for buying a drone for aerial photography

If you are an ambitious aerial photographer or videographer, a drone is your ticket to the sky. Drones have been touching the skies incrementally over the past few years. On the other hand, if you are a drone enthusiast, a photographer who wants to expand your skills, the drone perfectly suits your needs. Hence, drones are substantial for the enthusiast and aerial fans.

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When should upgrade your drone?

The time we live in is very dynamic. The Drone market is constantly updated. New and new drones – brands and models, come on the market in a short time. Everyone strives to upgrade their previous models in terms of quality and included options.

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