10 Drone Filming Tips

Here you can find some very interesting tips for drone filming

Drone filming Tips - Part I

     In this article we shall provide you the best practices and advises to reach perfect shots with your drone. The tips are easy to perform but will give you a chance to get high level professional quality. You just need some practice.

     For perform cool aerial filming, you need to do some preparations before get to action. You have to create a Plan of the trip, Check the equipment and decide the type of the video or photography you wish to shoot. This is more than just knowing settings of the camera, ISO settings or Shutter Speed. It’s more.

So we give you the best advises below:


Advise 1 – Practice as often as you can. Be always in happy mood.

To be maximum educated about shooting with camera is good to read materials and articles all the time. Some professional courses are also good option. Get information as much as you can. You have to know the camera like you hand. Than become the practice. It is a key for become an awesome shooter. Without practice the result will be unsatisfied. Is good to see the big names in the branch – theirs videos or photos. This will give you a clear point of view and will inspire you to become one of them.

Advise 2 – Planning Trip and Preparing all needed Equipment.

Never go on trip without preparation in advance. This is a very important point of the hall process. Without preparation you risk to take non proper devises and tools. You can forget something you will need.The drone filming or photo shooting must be prepared with a lot of patience and with a strict plan.

Get clear idea about what kind of shoots or video you want to do – people, events or just nature.
What are the Lighting conditions. You must set the perfect settings to your camera to get awesome results.
Check Weather – this is absolutely obligated. The forecast and the moment weather are super important factors. The rain is the biggest enemy of your drone – if the electronics become wet they will stop working. Fog is also dangerous. The Sun is also having its specifics. Too much heat – you need to think about some kind of shade for your remote control and for yourself. Strong wind is also not appropriate for drone flights.

Check Equipment – this step is absolutely obligated. You have to be sure that your drone, the remote control, your phone, your tablet – all these are full charged. Be careful with propellers, motors and all tools when you pack. If you will drive long time your car to get far away – check the condition of the car too.

Advice 3 – Be max concentrate and relax.

It’s good to be relax and cal when you start trip for shooting with the drone. Your mood give sense of all operation. If you are distracting by some other things – there is a chance to forget something important. Good practice is to do a checklist and to mark it.

Advice 4 – Fly your drone slow

Only in cases of shooting dynamic sport events or some other speed events – then you can filming or shooting fast. In all other cases – we advise you to fly and slow and nice. No rush is needed. The perfect shot will appear when you are able to see it. Fast flying may dismiss some awesome object.


Advice 5 – Piloting your drone

When you fly your drone – be nice and gentle, slow and relaxed. Any stress and nervous movements can bring bad quality of final product. Up and down speed very slowly and gradually. All the new technologies – IMU and Gyro Stabilizations – can give stable condition of the drone, but if you want video without “Jelly” effect or photos without focus problems – than fly it smooth and slow. This will award you with awesome final result.

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