3 Easy Cinematic Drone Shots

Learn how to make these techniques

Create great drone footage

You are a drone pilot and want to create memorizable drone shots? You are interested in new and old photographic methods? You have to know the basic drone shooting techniques to be able to create astonishing pieces.

In this article, we provide for you the most important and cool drone techniques so you will be prepared enough.


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Cinematic Drone Shots - learn how to do them!

The POI Shot ( Point Of Interest ) 

What does this mean? The DJI drones have such an option. When you use it, you actually tell the drone to fly around the object you’ve chosen in advance. The drone will make small circles around the target and you will have the opportunity to take shots in the moments you want. In this flight mode, the drone will adjust automatically the camera angle and this will provide the object to stay in the frame during the entire flight. This technique is very easy and doesn’t need some special preparation in advance. All you need is one object which will be in the center of your composition. All other work will be done by the POI function of your drone. 

The cinematic drone shots can be a real challenge. But the final result always brings satisfaction and just worth it. The Extra-s in today’s drones are so much, so you will enjoy the drone flight for sure. Not by accident, flying a drone is becoming such a beloved hobby. 

The Pull-Away Shot

This one is very easy to do it. Practically this technique consists of the following: you simply hover your drone in front of your subject. After that, gradually pull back and up your drone during shooting keeping the focus on the subject. The effect is nice and smooth and the footage is great. If you want, you can put your drone in Tripod mode additional. In this case, you will get slow and extra smooth footage. 

The Fly-Up-Tilt-Down Shot

For this one, you will need some practice. The shots taken by this technique are looking great. The secret is that you will adjust the gimbal pitch speed. This is how fast your camera tilts up and down. To create this shot, you need to position your drone in front of your wished object, near down to the ground. After that slowly fly up. During this maneuver pull on the gimbal pitch dial to tilt the camera downwards. Changing the pitch speed to around 10 or so will result in a smoother and slower camera tilt and the final footage will be nice and great. 

These three Cinematic Drone Shots are not requiring any special additional equipment. It is all about your decision which one is appropriate for you. Whatever you choose, we are sure you will create fantastic drone footage. 

If you are interested in some specific drone shooting technique – you can read our article on Droneception.  Keep in mind that for Droneception you will need some preparation. 

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