3 of the biggest possible mistakes you can make
as a beginner drone flyer


Flying your drone as a beginner drone flyer for the first time can be incredibly exciting but there’s the potential for you to make a mistake that could really ruin your day. It could really ruin your time out flying. But luckily these little mistakes you could possibly make are easily avoidable and in this article, we’ll talk about 3 mistakes that you can make as a beginner drone flyer. We shall explain what they are, how they happen, how you can avoid them.

3 of the biggest possible mistakes of a beginner drone flyer

The first one not knowing the drone law. You may receive your drone as a present or just be not enough educated. But knowing the drone laws is extremely important. If you are a beginner drone flyer, you should know there are strong and specific drone laws. And they are different in different countries in the world. Some things are allowed in the USA and the same could be forbidden in the Maldives, for example. So the point here is to search and learn your local drone laws established by the responsive authorities. Does the drone pilot need to have a registration, what is the max allowed altitude, where is a restricted area? All these questions you should clear by searching the official resources. Remember that not knowing the law doesn’t mean you are free to break it. And the fees are solid in some cases. 

The second is to forget to update your software and firmware.

Updating is important for two reasons. The first is DJI is constantly bringing out updates. They’re constantly tweaking and changing things to make the flying experience better. So you want to make sure that you have the latest software on your phone in terms of the app it’s the most up-to-date version and that you have the latest firmware installed on your drone so you’re getting the benefits of their updates. The second reason is that DJI are constantly fixing bugs so what’s really common is if you don’t buy your drone direct from DJI, you buy in a local store. For example, if you buy your from a DJI’s store, the drone can be stored a couple of weeks. But if you buy it from a local store, then it may be stored for a month or even more. In any case, we recommend you always update your software and firmware so to prevent any unwanted situations. This will help you build good habits like a beginner drone flyer.

The next big mistake that a lot of beginner drone flyers make is flying out of Visual Line Of Sight (VLOS).

Legally in most countries of the World, you’re not allowed to fly out of sight. But a lot of pilots, especially beginner pilots push their boundaries a little of what they feel is okay for the line of sight. If you are in a built-up area or a mountainous countryside or you’re flying over clefts it can be very easy sometimes to lose sight of your drone by accident or on purpose. So if you’re flying off over a cliff you might think it’s totally okay. “I can’t see it anymore because it’s gone down over the other side of the clef, it’ll be totally fine”. In such a case, you really are opening yourself up to problems, especially as a beginner flyer. You could lose the video signal within 100 meters or even less if there are big objects – trees or interference and that would open you up to the scenario where you are flying your drone with the sticks but you no longer could see the drone. You can see on the screen and so in those scenarios it is really important to be able to look up and say “Okay but my drone’s there and fly it back while looking at the drone”. If you get yourself in this position it’s super important that you can see your drone. So you can fly it back and if you have your drone over the edge, of the cliff, behind the building, behind the forest – it’s going to be really hard if not impossible, for you to be able to fly that drone back in these scenarios. Just be well informed as much as you can, and you will avoid all possible mistakes as a beginner drone flyer.

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