5 Best drones for Time Lapse

Read which are the recommended drones for time lapse technique

Basic steps for Time Lapse


Time lapse… Probably the most interesting and modern technique. The final result is always stunning and impressive. Each drone pilot knows about it and not only the drones pilots, but also all classical photographers. In fact, you can make Time lapse video with all possible kinds of devices. All you need is to have a camera with good parameters and an object. The “secret magic” are good photos and the interval of time that they have been taken. The moving objects around the central point of shooting also give to the time lapse result big importance. Read the article to find out the best drones for Time Lapse.

Best drones for Time Lapse

Of course, doing the Time lapse with a drone is very exciting. Drone photos above the earth and the moving objects on the ground makes a perfect combination. It is like we are looking inside a small world – the people look so tiny, the buildings and the vehicles – too. In nature is also impressive. No matter what you choose to shoot, you must know the basic steps for making Time lapse. In additional – you might be prepared with information about flight times of different drones. This point has big value if you wish to fly your drone and make as many photos as you can. The amount of photos reflects on the duration of the Time lapse video at the end. But that thing depends on how long your drone can stay in the air.

So that’s why we shall make a comparison between different drone models and their time of flight. The time spent in the air brings a proportional amount of photos you will use after that for the time-lapse video. Here we have to say that you shoot in the range of one battery so you have to take care of all details about the flight in advance.
And here are they – 5 best drones for Time Lapse technique:

Best 5 drones for Time Lapse based on their Time flight
DJI Mavic 2 Pro - 31 minutes
Phantom 4 - 28 minutes
DJI Mavic Mini - 30 minutes
DJI Mavic Air - 21 minutes
DJI Mavic Air 2 - 34 minutes

These 5 drones have the longest times of the flight and this fact bring the guarantee that you will make as much as possible drone photos for your Time Lapse.  That’s why we classify them like best drones for Time Lapse.
Of course, the quality of the taken images also matters, so you can check this parameter as well. But the amount of the images is most important for the length of the final video.

Steps for making a Time-lapse

Prepare the drone flight – in advance. Choose the location and the object carefully. Check the forecast and fly only in good and stable weather conditions. Check your equipment with attention, perform all steps of your pre-flight list. Make several flights around your chosen object. And when you are ready with all previous steps – go and make drone shots using Timed Shot feature. 

Choose the time interval of shooting options – 2 seconds. Set JPEG for the format of the images. Set ISO to be larger than 200 – that guarantee the best quality of the images. After that set the Shutter speed and the Exposure. If you intend to fly at night – don’t forget to turn On your front arm LEDs. You can set the Auto option for the white balance – this will safe your photos become with inconsistent colors. 

Start your Time Lapses photos shooting. Don’t forget to keep visual contact with your drone during hall operation. Make sure you won’t change its position during the shooting process. The gimble angle should also stay still unless some emergency appears. Notice that if you want to have 5 seconds video at the end – you will need to have at least 120-125 photos ( if you set the time interval of 5 seconds, your drone must stay at one point for about 10 minutes). After you are finished with the shooting – land your drone.

Post-Production. After you have taken your photos you have to put them all together in one video. For this purpose, you can use Adobe After Effects CC 2016 or Photoshop CS6. You just need to create a composition from all chosen photos. More about this process you can read in our special article Drone Time Lapse Settings.

In conclusion, we can say that the best drones for Time Lapse are those that last the longest in the sky and can take the largest number of photos, from which we will later assemble the Time Lapse video.

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