7 tips for best drone cinematic footage

Here you can find some very interesting tips for drone footage

Best drone cinematic footage - 7 tips


Every drone photographer love to shoot photos and videos. But to really good cinematic drone footage and create satisfy result, you have to practice and follow the best tips for this technique. In this article, we shall tell the basic and general tips for that. The rules are simple to perform but will give you a chance to create something really beautiful.

So we give you the best 7 tips for drone cinematic footage:

Tip #1 - Choose the exact location

To create quality cinematic drone footage, the first thing is to know where you are exactly. You have to choose the place and locate it with the Goole maps so you will see if there are buildings near it or other big objects, also how far is for you and how long you will travel to go there. This step will help you to organize how many things to carry with you, the necessary equipment and how long will take you to get the location. Also, think about the position of the Sun. That will help you to decide which day time to get there- Sunrise or Sunset and to get perfect drone footage.

Tip #2 - Choose-witch equipment to take with you.

The first option is some big drones like Inspire 2 witch have fantastic image quality. On the one hand, it is a little bit heavier, but that means that is very stable in the air. But on the other hand that`s mean that you have to carry much equipment to the place where you gonna shoot. Mavic Pro is a much smaller and much portable and light craft. It is stable in the wind and its package is smaller so you will gt much easy to the location.


Tip #3 - Flying close to the objects.

The first ting is to turn Off your obstacle avoided because that will mean the drone will no stop itself when approaching an obstacle. You can fly so close to forest trees for example. you can get as much close as you wan and that will produce super footages.

Tip #4 - is Mastering the shot types.

There are three basic types which will bring so beautiful final footages. The first is to fly forwards and backwards in a straight line. This will bring a sense of ongoing in the environment. The second is the Reveal shot. Comming above or flying around the object to reveal the surrounding catches or people, or city or no matter of subject you are shooting. The tip 3 – is to use the intelligent flight modes options on your drone. This way you can catch the perfect tracking shot on the object, a vehicle or a person.

Tip #5 - Use manual main menu options

Use the camera settings of your drone in manual mode, none automatic. Using the main manual menu gives you more options. You can set the highlights to the image, or shadows. And after that when you are in postproduction you can bring these setting out and correct the if that is necessary.

Tip #6 - Use 2:35 Letterboxing

Using 2:35 Letterboxing to give it extra cinematic look to your footage. This will give you also the ability to move up and down and will give you extra tonic reveal.

Tip #7 - Find best music

The last tip #7 is to find the best music to fit your footage. Typically speaking the footage is long slow shots. So is really good the find the best fit of music that really emphasizing to the images so when you look at it, it will reveal that cinematic feel and your drone cinematic footage will be just perfect.

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