8 Tips How to fly a drone over water

Read what are the most important tips when fly a drone over water

Fly a drone over water


In this article, we shall write about How to safely operate our drones UAVs and multirotors over water. Actually, people are quite afraid of that and there are some things that you should, in fact, take care of. But it can be done by everyone.

Keep in mind our tips for fly a drone over water

Tip Number 1 - Disable VPS ( Visual Positioning System)

Remember that the UAV must be Turned On to disable VPS.
Start your copter and take a look at the Go app tap at the copter symbol at the upper left-hand side to bring up the MC settings menu. Now you tap at Advanced Settings and now you make sure to disable the vision positioning system. Otherwise, your copter can easily get disoriented when flying low to the moving surface.

Tip Number 2 - Stay away from obstacles that can interfere with the Compass.

The second tip is to stay away from obstacles that could interfere with your drone’s compass such as lighthouses or huge container ships. You should make sure you stay away from bigger antennas that can mostly be found on a ship’s tip, for example, the highest mass or the ship’s bridge.

Tip Number 3 - check for obstacles.

This tip sounds very basics, but keep in mind you check for obstacles that could be in your drone’s way( if you intend to fly over the sea – watch the rhythm of the waves). Also, keep in mind that your lines are a wide-angle lens and that objects might be closer than they appear. If flying low to the surface you should take one or two minutes to stare at the waves to get a feeling for their rhythm. That way you can avoid crashing into a wave. Don’t only watch one wave. You will see that waves come in an order and you will definitely want to know about the highest wave.


Tip Number 4 - stay away from seagulls.

This hint could really save your copter – stay away from seagulls. Usually, they are situated on cliffs close to the coastline and mostly these tricky beasts are not even alone. And don’t you think they cannot follow your drone.

Tip Number 5 - Use the Course Lock ( CL) function on long-distance flights.

If you’re planning on going for a long-distance flight, use this function and this way you will avoid getting disoriented.

Tip Number 6 - Don't underestimate the wind - return early!

Think of the fact that while flying over the sea there is a nice calm breeze
often and don’t you be so foolish and especially unlucky and underestimate those winds. If your battery is low but the go app still shows you that you will make your way home don’t take it to the limit but return early and often before the system tells you. Otherwise, the drone might have to fly against the wind which then causes the drone lots and lots more power and the battery won’t be lasting long enough.

Tip number 7 - Have advanced take of skills if flying from a moving platform.

If you want to take off of a boat make sure you have some space all around the UAV and keep in mind that the ship might be moving while the drone was up in the air will hold its GPS position. If your space is very limited lift the copter up and flies it straight over the railing. That way you won’t crash into anything or anyone. And because usually you are the person right behind designed to Mew that way avoid the drone crashing into you.

Tip number 8 - Recover your UAV after a wet landing

Let’s imagine you crashed into the water. Is there a chance to get
your gear back? Yes. Sometimes you can make it even work after a proper rinse and some drawings. Sometimes you might have to only change some parts or not the entire UAV and sometimes, of course, the entire system is broken but at least you get back your microSD card back.

Except for these tips to fly a drone over water, you may be interested also about how to fly your drone at night. Here you can read our article about this. The night flights are also very excited but need some specific preparation.

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