Airpeak - the New Sony drone enters the market!

Read what is the latest information on the new Sony Drone

Airpeak - The new Sony Drone


Image creadit – official Sony website

Sony has officially announced that it intends to launch its drone brand. The information is published on Sony’s official websites and on the Airpeak website.

Airpeak - the new Sony Drone

Sony’s intentions are to launch a product with which drone pilots can achieve complete perfection of the experience and drone shooting of the world from above. They promise to introduce innovations in shooting equipment that will surpass the existing drones. Combining the technology for visual technical capabilities together with the innovations of AI Robotics makes a request for the transformation of drone shooting into an endless field for drone shooting of drone pilots.

The transfer of 3R technologies (Reality, Real-time, and Remote) technology in the field of the drone industry is expected. This will definitely be something interesting. Airpike promises to be a new generation drone that will meet the demanding requirements of professional photographers as well as professional drone pilots. Of course, this will not stop hobby pilots. They will enjoy this innovative technology very soon.
Exactly what specifications the new Sony drone will have remains to be seen. It will probably surpass the previous drones on the market in terms of camera shooting quality, visual effects, and built-in functions.

When the new Sony drone is expected to be launched?

According to official information – very soon. The publications mention the initial months of the new year 2021 – in the spring. A few months separate us from seeing what kind of DJI competitor will come on the scene. Perhaps it is no coincidence that the company hastened with the launch of the second drone in the DJI Mini series, with a very short time difference compared to the first Mini.
In case you didn’t understand – the New DJI Mini 2 was released very soon and I can already buy it. As for the new drone of the Sony company, we expect and follow the news around it. Will it become the new most popular drone? Will it conquer the professionals? Will it attract new fans of drone piloting?

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