Basic drone techniques making stunning photos

Here you can find the basic techniques for aerial photography

Basic techniqus to produce great drone photos 1-5


In this article, we shall introduce you the 15 absolutely basic and important drone techniques so you can shot just perfect and stunning photos.
These tips and techniques include hot to set and use the following options: UAV forecast, Filming in RAW format, Lighting, Leading Lines, Creating Depth in photos, Auto exposure bracketing and others.
They are not difficult to understand, but you need to practice them so you can become a professional photographer. Many of them are valid both for Ground and Aerial Photography.

Here are the basic drone techniques
making stunning photos #1-5

1. Keep all just simple - All landscapes and other elements.

When you research your area of the shooting and deciding what to include in your composition 

  When you study your subject and know what you want in the photo, try to think about how you can exaggerate it. That’s meaning its form and contours. The ways you can this are:

  • Zoom in enough on the object.  

  • Take the Aerial Shoot by using different angles (one object against another). This way you can get a sense of scale. 

  • Use Long Shutting Speed. With this method, you will reach that the moving objects will appear and will produce motion blur.  

  • For reach, Image stands out – use contrast colours. 

2. Leading Lines – Use them!

Using Leading Lines will improve harmony and order in your composition. In case there are multiple elements or objects in the area you want to shoot, then try to catch a Lead Line witch will connect them in your look. These Lead Lines can be Rivers, Mountain ridges, a Lake cover with ice etc.

3. Use Forecast and planning carefully your flight

UAV forecast websites and UAV forecast apps – are the places where you can check the important forecast. This step is very important. Never forget to check the weather. This can save your time and even your drone. Always check the chosen area when you intend to fly your drone. Check also the Solar activity and how many GPS satellites are active then. This will help in planning your trip. 

4. Prepare extra accessories and spares for your drone.

If you are a drone photographer and want to be ready for every situation (like the professionals are doing) – prepare carefully your things before you go. Extra batteries, cables, propellers, chargers, filters and any other thing you might extra need. And don’t forget to get some food and water with you – t his advice is important as all the others.

5. Get correct the lighting

Outdoor and Landscapes – the perfect light time is Sunrise and Sunset. In these hours you can get stunning photographies. By nature, the sky is extremely beautiful in these hours. The light is very good for foreground and background elements.
During day shooting – the clouds welcome. It is better to have clouds than direct sunlight.

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