Basic Drone tips for cool photos

Here you can find some very interesting tips for drone shooting

Drone tips for cool photos - Part II


In this article, we continue to introduce you the 15 absolutely basic and important techniques so you can shot just perfect and stunning photos.
These tips and techniques include hot to set and use the following options: UAV forecast, Filming in RAW format, Lighting, Leading Lines, Creating Depth in photos, Auto exposure bracketing and others.
They are not difficult to understand, but you need to practice them so you can become a professional photographer. Many of them are valid both for Ground and Aerial Photography.

So we give you the best Drone tips for cool photos bellow:


Tip #6 - RAW Format - produce all your photos in this format

This technique is so easy to do it. Using Digital RAW format gives you in post-production big amount of versatility. The result is images with uncompressed Lossless quality. That means the size of them is reduced but with no loss of quality. The details and resolution are safe. This includes the brightness. You can adjust the colours without the photo became unnatural.

Tip #7 - Remove What You Don’t Want From Your Aerial Photos

You have to think really want to have in your photos. After that, you have to remove the rest. For example, if in the photo there is too much sky than you must use the angle of the drone gimbal to get a little bit more landscape. If you do that, you will remove a lot of skies. Stay as close as possible close to the object you want to shoot. No matter what you are shooting – people, landscapes, wildlife.
The latest drone flies very stably. They can fly in and hover in the object. If you have Zoom lens, you can get close to the object and get just perfect shot.
The Mavic 2 Zoom model has an amazing 4x zoom ( including 2 x optical zoom- 24-48mm).

Tip #8 - Use in aerial photos Juxtaposition, Abstracts and Counterpoint

This technique is, in fact, sliting your photo in half of the quarters. For example, you want to shoot a very snowy mountain. In this picture you have and a reflecting lake. The perfect decision in this situation is to take half of the mountain and half of the bottom lake so you will take the reflection.
Juxtaposition – when you get together two absolutely opposite objects. The contrast of them can become interesting.

Counterpoint – this means having two objects in one possible photo. But these two points can be independent by itself and can be great just alone. Combining them in one same composition will create an image with substantial beauty.

Abstract photography- this method doesn’t stay up to any rules. Avoid any traditions and do create photos with decentered focus – showing details that we shall miss ordinary.

Tip #9 - High Dynamic Rang and Auto Exposure Bracketing

The latest models drones have new techniques compare the last few years. Now filming is a very easy process. The AEB technology ( Auto Exposure Bracketing) and HDR ( High Dynamic Range) help you to shoot one photo several times at different settings and exposures. After that, you have more choice options. You can just pick p the best photo. Or even you can combine the best part of different photos and connect them in one single photo.

Tip #10 - Perfect High Resolution Panorama Shots - Catch them!

Panorama Mode – gives you a fantastic opportunity to build panorama photo. If your drone doesn’t have this option, you can do it by yourself. Just take a number of shots. After that, you can stitch them using editing software. This can be Adobe Lightroom. The Panorama photo allows you to catch more details in one scene than wide range photo. 

Read Drone tips for cool photos - Part II

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