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In recent months, the company DJI – one of the world leaders on the market for drones, has launched many new products. There was a lot of noise around the launch of the new DJI Mini 2 model. But now something even newer is coming. Something long-awaited and something that will be released on the market for the first time


So far, DJI hadn’t covered just that area. They have drones of any type, except this one. The segment in which they will surprise this time is that of FPV drones. FPV (first-person-view) – the technology in which they wear goggles and through which pilots compete with each other. The number of FPV pilots in the world is really large, and the competitions they organize are regular and mass.
It is no coincidence that the company DJI has finally taken care to provide a product for these drone pilots. Some time ago, a similar system of transmitter and goggles was launched, which can unite up to 8 drone pilots to monitor the flight of the main pilot. But a stand-alone drone of this kind has not existed so far. And here, just at the end of this year, a surprise appears.

DJI FPV Combo - Technical specifications

This is the new FPV drone of the company DJI. According to Internet publications, and from a special drone pilot working for the company, DJI’s new drone will probably be launched either just before Christmas or at the very beginning of the new 2021. There are 2 photos of this new drone circulating in the Internet. Which shows a beautiful design of DJI goggles, the remote control, and a black stylish drone. According to the information, the new drone will have the following specifications.

 – 4K 60fps on-board recording 

 – 5-inch props 

 – 6S battery 

 – 150kps maximum speed 

 – 3 flight modes 

 – Remotely-adjustable FPV camera tilt 

 – GPS for return to home.

For the moment, that is the info we have. We hope to get the full technical specifications of the new DJI FPV Drone soon. 

The machine itself looks to have all the characteristics you’d expect of a FPV racer; tri-blade props, a camera at an aggressive angle, and a humpback, all of which suggest speed. The hump-back is also faintly reminiscent of DJI’s Inspire series, and the suggested ability to record 4K without the need for strapping on a GoPro would be a very competitive move in the FPV market.

The FPV market is a little bit different from the rest of DJI’s consumer and professional drones and accessories are sold. It is easy to see why DJI would want to have a presence in it. At the commercial end, there is an international Drone Racing League (DRL) with coverage on NBC and Sky Sports, among others. At home, enthusiasts devote many hours (and much of their cash) to a cycle of building, testing, and upgrading FPV drones and (outside pandemics) meeting up to fly them.

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