DJI is banned by the US Department of Commerce.


The United States added dozens of Chinese companies, including the country’s top chipmaker SMIC and Chinese drone manufacturer SZ DJI Technology Co, to a trade blacklist on Friday.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said in a statement the department would “not allow advanced U.S. technology to help build the military of an increasingly belligerent adversary.”
The Commerce Department released a list of 77 companies and affiliates to the so-called entity list, including 60 Chinese companies.

The US Department of Commerce has blacklisted the Chinese company - DJI is banned.

The decision is motivated by human rights violations in China

 DJI drones are extremely popular all over the world. They have reached a severe piece of the pie of the drone market. Their products are selling more than good and the drones are of high quality and excellent references by the users. One of the new models this year were the DJI Mini 2 and the latest news about the soon release of the DJI FPV Combo. All these new models of drones are well expected from the buyers. 

DJI is the largest manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) and also has some of the most modern developments in this field. The company has been sanctioned for human rights abuses in China through inappropriate collection and analysis of genetic data and high-tech surveillance in Muslim camps in Xinjiang province, The Verge reported. 

DJI commented that it was disappointed with the US Department of Commerce’s decision, but at the same time assured that the company’s customers in America can still buy and use its products without any restrictions. DJI’s blacklisting by the US Department of Commerce means that US companies are banned from exporting technology, equipment, and software to the sanctioned company. Huawei and other Chinese companies are in a similar situation, and the motives are usually related to US national security.

What Inclusion on the “Entity List” Means

Inclusion on the list means first that DJI has been identified as a company that might “pose a significant risk of being or becoming involved in activities contrary to the national security or foreign policy interests of the United States.” Additionally, inclusion on the list could impose limitations on DJI’s ability to source components in the U.S. (EAR refers to Export Administration Regulations, BIS refers to the Bureau of Industry and Security.)

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