7 Best Drone flying tips - for avoid any mistakes

Here you can some very useful tips for drone flying without mistakes

Best Drone Flying Tips


Did you know that setting up a drone camera is half the battle of capturing the perfect shot? A drone can help you find the perfect angle, but without the right camera settings, the final shot will be far from your expectations. We will now summarize 7 camera setup errors to help you adjust the picture perfectly.

So we give you the best Drone flight
tips for cool photos bellow:

Tip #1 - Exposure Mode

Did you notice that sometimes the photo turns out to be too dark or too light ?. If this happens to you, check out Exposure Mode! You can choose between automatic and M (manual) mode. It’s pretty easy to get overexposed or under-exposed photos when you’re not in auto mode. Many pilots, for example, use M mode and set a higher shutter speed for night photography. We recommend that you use the automatic daylight mode. If you want to adjust the exposure yourself, use M mode to get more freedom.

Tip #2 - EV Compensation

Already selected the correct exposure mode, but still your image is too light or dark? You can adjust this by setting EV (Exposure Value) until the screen image is properly exposed.
In simple terms, EV + will make the image brighter while EV- will darken it. The ideal EV setting for one frame may be totally wrong for another. Therefore, always adjust the EV value according to the specific lighting.
Note that you cannot change EVs in manual mode since exposure compensation is achieved by adjusting the ISO or shutter speed.

Tip #3 - ISO

The high Iso allows you to shoot at low shutter speeds in low-light environments, but it also increases noise. In good lighting, high ISO values ​​cause too much noise and brightness in the image. For this reason, be sure to check the ISO setpoint and always try to keep it as low as possible.
If you are not sure how to set the ISO, try Auto ISO. This will automatically select the correct value for your camera.

Tip #4 - White Balance

The colors in the photo don’t look right to you? When the pictures appear with a yellowish or bluish tint, you need to adjust the White Balance. Different light sources have different color temperatures. In some cases, the camera may not adjust properly automatically and you have to change the color tone of the image manually. To put it simply: you need to enhance the warm tones in cold light and the cold tones in warm light to get closer to what your eyes see. In most cases, the automatic white balance will give you great results. Keep in mind that you can control white balance without losing image quality when editing if you shoot in RAW format.

Tip #6 - Format

Did you notice that sometimes after processing your photos are of poor quality? In this situation, it is a good idea to check the recording format of the images. DJI offers three options for recording your pictures: JPEG, RAW, and RAW + JPEG. We recommend that you use the RAW format if you are going to process your photos later. The RAW format is uncompressed and contains much more information and detail than the JPEG compressed file.

Tip #7 - Photo Mode

Do you take a few pictures when you intended to click just one? DJI drones support various shooting modes – Single, Multiple, AEB, HDR, Timed Shot and more. Enter the shooting modes menu and make sure you select Single Shot. Understanding the various buttons in the camera setup menu may take time, but it’s well worth it. Learn from your mistakes to take better pictures in the future and gain more aerial photography skills.

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