Drone laws in Uganda

A list of drone regulations and links for drone pilots

Uganda Regulations Overview:


Is a registration necessary?

You need to have Registration.

Recreational use of drones allowed?

Yes, it is allowed.

Is drone insurance mandatory?

It is recommended.

Commercial use of drones permitted?

Yes, but with conditions.

Does the drone need a badge?


Maximum Altitude:


Respect the privacy of other people

Don’t forget this rule.

Not allowed drones near airports

Stay away from Airports.

Drone laws in Uganda


When you decide travel and fly your drone in Uganda you need to be inform about the drone regulations about this. Always read the latest rules and information on the official web pages.

Main responsive authorities

Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority (ECCAA) 


Drone laws in Uganda

General Drone Rules for Flying a Drone in Uganda

Approval of drone Importation.


  • Requests for importation of drones are received by URA Customs, who then write to UCAA communicating the requests.
  • UCAA evaluates applications for preliminary compliance and then writes to the CDF.
  • CDF convenes the Tripartite Committee meeting to evaluate the request.
  • CDF writes back to UCAA communicating clearance or rejection of   the drone importation.
  • UCAA then writes back to URA Customs If approved for importation, the Applicant then proceeds to apply for approval of drone operation.


Approval of drone Operation

  • The Applicant obtains a letter of no objection from the relevant line ministry regarding the planned operation.
  • The Applicant submits to UCAA a request for approval of the drone operation together with the letter of no objection from the relevant line ministry. The request should be addressed to the Director Safety, Security and Economic Regulations on email: dat@caa.co.ug
  • After evaluation of the request for preliminary compliance, UCAA writes to CDF requesting for Security Clearance of the drone operation.
  • CDF convenes the Tripartite Committee meeting to evaluate the request.
  • CDF writes to UCAA communicating the Security Clearance or rejection of the drone operation.
  • The Applicant is required to pay an authorization fee of Ugx 250,000 + 18% VAT at UCAA Landside Revenue office located at Entebbe International Airport and submit a copy of the payment receipt to the office of the Director Safety, Security and Economic Regulations at the UCAA Headquaters.
  • UCAA conducts safety evaluation and communicates Safety Approval and Security Clearance to the Applicant.
  • On receiving the Safety Approval and Security Clearance, the Applicant commences operations.

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