Drone Mirror effect - Davinci Resolve Tutorial

How to make Mirror World Effect - Tutorial

Drone Mirror World Effect


In this article, we shall show you how to create this really cool inception slash drone section style effects within Davinci Resolve.
We’re going to cover this specific technique – Drone Mirror World Effect. One is using mirrors to sort of reflect and bend up or bend down the sides of your image.

How to create Drone Mirror Effect - step by step

Let’s open up Davinci Resolve and we’re on the Edit tab. We shall use this drone footage here of the boat on the ocean.

And the first thing we’ll be going to show you how to do is to create this sort of folded up mirrored sides because it’s actually incredibly easy to do. So the first thing you want to do is to open up your Effects library by clicking on the button and then open up your Toolbox. Go to OpenFX and then scroll down until you get to the Resolve FX styles section. It is near the bottom and you’re looking for Mirrors. You want to grab that drag it and drop it onto your footage. If you prefer you can also do this using an adjustment clip. You can see it’s just mirrored right down the middle it’s mirroring our left side. Over onto our right side so we just need to customize that mirror to give us the effect that we want. So click on your footage to make sure it’s highlighted and then in the top right-hand corner open up the Inspector. Then open up the OpenFX tab. Then you should see mirrors if it’s minimized like so you just need to double click to expand the menu now. By default, it will enable just one mirror but you do have six that you can play with. So we’re gonna go to mirror one here you can see that it’s enabled and then we’ve got three options we can change the X position which just moves the mirror point left to right, Y – which is up and down and then the Angle.

Steps of setting correct the Drone mirror effect

You can watch the steps here

So because we want this to either fold up or fold down it’s the angle we want to look at first. We’re going to change this to either minus 45 or 45. So if we go to 45 degrees it will bend down like so giving us that sort of end of the world falls off or if we change that to minus 45 we get that wall of water. So you can do either one you can achieve both the effects really really easily. For this one, we’ll actually be cutting the boat in half so it sort of loses some of its effects so what we want to do is just change the X-position here. To move that mirror over to the right-hand side a little bit like so we find it works really well. If you line this mirror point here up with this bottom right-hand corner then you get a real nice composition. It balances really well and that crease becomes a little bit less noticeable. If we hit play we can see it seems to be working perfectly. So that’s how you do your single wall or single drop off. If you want to have one on each side it’s really easy you just repeat the same process. So we’re going to click on mirror 2 here to expand that and then we’re going to enable mirror 2. Now mirror 2 is just going to do the same as what we had before what we started with just the mirror straight down the middle. So it looks like it’s lost everything that we had before but don’t worry – it hasn’t. The first thing you need to do is click on the box called Flip because at the moment it’s taking the left side and reflecting it to the right we want to take the right and reflect it over to the left. We’re going to flip the mirror. Now that’s starting to look a little bit like it but it’s not quite there. What this is actually doing is just mirroring right down the middle. We can show you that by just moving the X-position because we’ve got a mirror on the right-hand side it’s mirroring over to the left-hand side. But the problem is if we play you can quite clearly see this join in the middle and it’s also cutting out the boat.
What we actually need to do for drone mirror effect is just make a few quick changes.
The first thing to do is to change the angle. You want to do the same as you did before but the opposite. So in mirror 1, we’ve got minus 45 so this time we just need 45 and it’ll look like that at the moment because our mirror is in the wrong position. So then we just need to change our X-position. Drag it out until it meets that point and that’s perfect now. Another thing you can do with the mirrors – just turn off your mirror 2
and then reset your position. Now for the angle, you can just change that
to minus 90 and then it’ll reflect at the ground or in our case the ocean up into the sky. And if we change the Y-position, you can just bring that up and we’ve got that sort of drone section look where the sky is the ground now. This works really well for this clip because it’s a completely white sky. Sometimes it doesn’t work so well because there’s a real obvious line to where the two meet. You just need to try this technique and do your tries. Experiment and you will find the best appropriate footages to make mirror reflections, for sure.  Now you know how to make drone mirror effect.

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