Drone propellers - how to replace them on Mavic Mini

Learn how to replace the drone propellers.

Drone propellers - Mavic Mini


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In this article, we will look at replacing Mavic Mini’s propellers. Although the new DJI Mini 2 was recently launched, the previous DJI Mavic Mini remains quite used and its owners need to know how to take care of its perfect condition.

Replacing the drone propellers - how to do it

Maintaining your drone is one of the most important safety steps. Proper functionality is guaranteed by the serviceability of all components. Drone propellers are one of the most important flying parts to pay regular attention to. Their serviceability is essential for flight quality. The propellers usually wear out over time and with the accumulation of flights. Distortions, displacements, misalignment of the fastening screws are obtained.
It is therefore highly recommended that you inspect the propellers and other parts and components before and after each flight. If you think that the props have even minimal deviations from their normal condition, we recommend that you replace them.
In this article, we’ll guide you on how to replace the DJI Mavic Mini’s propellers. Step by step you can learn how to replace them and to be sure your drone is flying with stable and properly placed propellers. Remember that propellers are the most important elements for stable and secure drone flights.

To ensure flight safety you will need to switch the propellers if they are damaged, cracked, distorted, erupted, or if the screws become loose.


Image credit – DJI Youtube channel

Identifying propeller types 

Please use the original screwdriver and screws in the box to replace the propellers. The propeller types can be identified by looking at the design of the silver stripes. If there is one wide and one narrow silver stripe on the propellers tip and a raised mark next to the screw hole, mount the propeller counterclockwise on a motor with a corresponding concave mark next to it. If there is just one wide silver stripe on the propeller mounted on the motor without a mark on the aircraft’s arm.

How to replace the drone propellers

Place the screwdriver on the screws cross recess and rotate it counterclockwise to unscrew. To ensure flight stability replace both propellers attached on the same motor. Old propellers and screws should be discarded. Before catching the new propellers remove the blue thread Locker in the screw hole. You can screw the old screws in and out multiple times to clean the screw hole. Place the new screws into the screw holes of the propeller and insert the screwdriver into the screws cross recesses. Align the screws properly and rotate the screwdriver clockwise until the screws are secure. If you feel strong resistance check that the screws are inserted correctly. If not remove the screws and insert them properly. Then hold the motor and rotate the screwdriver until the screws are tightened firmly. Check that the screws are securely tightened after replacing the propellers. Gently pull on the propellers to check if they are attached properly. Hold the aircraft and turn it to one side to check if all the propellers rotate smoothly. If not repeat the whole process. Flight stability will be affected if the propellers are not properly attached. Please install the propellers by carefully following the instructions and check their conditions regularly to ensure flight safety.

How often do you need to change the propellers?

Some drone pilots recommend checking drone’s propellers before and after each flight. And when defects are found – direct replacement of the propellers. Others practice seasonal operation of the propellers – that is, regardless of whether they are worn, if they have been mounted on the drone for one summer season, for example, for the next – new propellers are installed.

Our advice is to simply monitor and check the condition of your drone’s propellers. If you notice any of the above irregularities – just replace the propellers with new ones. This way you will be secured and the flights will be safe.

In addition to checking the propellers, we advise you to check the condition of the Drone Compass. How to Calibrate the Compass and when you need it – you can read our special article.

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