Drone regulation in Montenegro

A list of drone regulations and links for drone pilots in Montenegro

Montenegro's Drone Regulation Overview:


Is a registration necessary?

You need to have Registration.

Recreational use of drones allowed?

Yes, it is allowed.

Is drone insurance mandatory?

It is obligated.

Commercial use of drones permitted?

Yes, but with conditions.

Does the drone need a badge?


Maximum Altitude:

120 meters

Respect the privacy of other people

Don’t forget this rule.

Not allowed drones near airports

Stay away from Arports.

Drone regulation in Montenegro


When you decide to travel and fly your drone in Montenegro you need to be informed about the drone regulations about this. Always read the latest rules and information on the official web pages.

Main responsive authorities


acv@caa.me / +382 20 625 507

Drone regulation in Montenegro

Our advice is always to be up to date with the latest news and conditions before you decide and perform a drone flight. After that, you must keep also the drone regulation in Montenegro listed bellow.

 – Before each flight, the drone and the drone pilot must be approved by the CAA. You can find the application form for the flight and the Application for the Pilot – you can find on the official CAA’s webpage

 – Age of the pilot – at least 16 years. 

 – All drone operations must have a Liability Insurance. 

 – Flying at Night – is Forbidden. 

 – Max allowed altitude – 150 meters.

 – Distance from the drone pilot – maximum of 500 meters. 

  – Keep visual contact with your drone during the entire flight.

 – You have to maintain flight records. Max allowed weighing of the drones – 20 kilograms. 

 – Distance to any people, animal, vehicle, facilities, vessels, roads, railways or water routes – at least 30 meters.

For more information on Drone regulation in Montenegro, see on the official website of CAA.

Some tourist travel tips for Montenegro

Some places in Montenegro for every type of tourist
Relatively new and unknown, but infinitely beautiful country with dense forests and access to the Adriatic Sea. This and much more is Montenegro.

The Balkan state has been independent since 2006. There are over 40 lakes on the territory of the country with an area of ​​only 13,800 sq. Km. In addition, the coastline of the Adriatic Sea is 293 km long. Interestingly, everywhere, even near the beaches, rise high mountains and gorges. This contrast in altitude makes the Balkan country a suitable destination for all types of tourists.

Podgorica – for city tourists

The capital of Montenegro has a population of 150,000 or 1/5 of the country’s total population. Its name “Under the forest” in almost all Slavic languages ​​means “under the mountain”. The town is located on Lake Shkodra. Parts of the lake and the forests around it are a protected area in which some of the largest bird colonies in Europe are located and more than 270 species of birds nest.

Podgorica is not to be underestimated. The city is bustling with life both during the day and at night. You can take a nice walk around the old part of the city, which is called “Stara Varosh”. Meet the sunset on the stairs Skaline, where the river Ribnitsa flows into the river Moracha. There you will merge with the young people of Podgorica.

Budva – for lovers of beach parties

The resort town is located on the Adriatic coast and you have 35 beaches to choose from. Seven of them have a “blue flag”, which is an international guarantee of their purity. The natural beaches of Budva are rocky, but are specially filled with sand, which ends under the crystal clear water of the sea.

After sunbathing it’s time for a party. Budva is considered the party destination of Montenegro. Every year young people from all over the world gather here, ready to have fun on the mixes of some of the most famous DJs.

Apart from parties, Budva also offers a rich cultural program. Every summer, a large open-air theater festival is organized with performances under the stars. If you are planning a summer vacation in Budva, hurry to book a hotel, because at this time of year the rooms are quickly depleted.

St. Stefan – for a luxurious experience

Only 5 km from Budva is the island of St. Stefan. The resort is a luxury holiday destination for many celebrities. His fame began in the 1960s, when the then Yugoslav state leaders rested on the island.

Today the island is connected to the mainland by a narrow strip of sand. Characteristic of it are the preserved old houses, which have been restored and modernly furnished inside. You can also take a boat trip to explore the island from all sides.

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