Drone regulations in Malawi

A list of drone regulations and links for drone pilots in Malawi

Malawi's Drone Regulation Overview:


Is a registration necessary?

You need to have Registration.

Recreational use of drones allowed?

Yes, it is allowed.

Is drone insurance mandatory?

It is recommended.

Commercial use of drones permitted?

Yes, but with conditions.

Does the drone need a badge?


Maximum Altitude:

45 meters

Respect the privacy of other people

Don’t forget this rule.

Not allowed drones near airports

Stay away from Airports.

Drone regulations in Malawi


When you decide to travel and fly your drone in Malawi you need to be informed about the drone regulations about this. Always read the latest rules and information on the official web pages.

Main responsive authorities

Malawi’s Department of Civil Aviation (DCA)


civilav@malawi.net / +265 1 789 377

Drone regulations in Malawi

Our advice is always to be up to date with the latest news and conditions before you decide and perform a drone flight. After that, you must keep also the drone regulations in Malawi listed bellow.

 – For recreational flights – License and Registration are not required. 

 – Drone pilot must obtain a Permission from the DCA (no matter type of flight). 

 – Always Give way to manned aircraft.  

 – Distance to any Airport, Airfield or Aerodrome – at least 20 kilometers. 

 – Minimal distance to any people, groups of persons, road races, private property without permission – at least 30 meters. 

 – Max allowed altitude – 45 meters. 

 – Flying in prohibited, restricted or controlled spaces – is forbidden. 

 – Maintain visual contact with the drone throughout the flight. 

 – Fly only daytime and in good weather conditions. 

Drone regulations in Malawi for get Registration and Licensing:

To fly a drone for commercial, corporate, or nonprofit purposes, the drone pilot must comply with the following requirements:

 – The drone must be registered with the DCA.

 – The operator must obtain an RPA Operator Certificate (ROC) issued by the DCA.

 – Submit your application to: director@civilaviation.gov.mw



Some tourist travel tips for Malawi

Called the “warm heart of Africa” ​​because of its friendly locals and temperate climate, Malawi has plenty of offers that make it an attractive tourist destination.

Malawi may not attract the same huge number of tourists as its western neighbors, but that does not make this African country less attractive.

Called the “warm heart of Africa” ​​because of its friendly locals and temperate climate, Malawi has plenty of offers that make it an attractive tourist destination. Here are some of them:

The flames of fire

Malawi means “flame of fire” in the local language – a term that partly refers to the captivating sunsets in the country.

Describing the sunset over Malawi is like asking you to describe humanity, because it comes in so many different forms. One day he may look sad and the next he may be happy. It can come quickly and the next one can be slow and long. All the while, however, the sunset over Malawi is very romantic.

Lake Malawi

Although landlocked in Malawi, the river of the same name occupies more than three-quarters of the country’s eastern border.

Located on an area of ​​almost 30 thousand square kilometers. Lake Malawi is the third largest in Africa and the ninth largest in the world. It is home to over 1,000 species of fish, 99% of which are unique to the region and is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is a popular destination for divers and divers.


Malawi has only recently entered the game with safari tourism (the Mahete Reserve became the first safari park in the country in 2012 after nine years of operation and $ 2.5 million invested in stockpiling the park with big game). Although it still takes a lot of work to reach the figure of nearby Zambia and Tanzania, this is an attempt at a slightly more relaxed safari.

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