Drone rules in Liechtenstein

A list of drone regulations and links for drone pilots in Liechenstein

Liechtenstein's Regulations Overview:


Is a registration necessary?

You need to have Registration.

Recreational use of drones allowed?

Yes, it is allowed.

Is drone insurance mandatory?

It is recommended.

Commercial use of drones permitted?

Yes, but with conditions.

Does the drone need a badge?


Maximum Altitude:

120 meters

Respect the privacy of other people

Don’t forget this rule.

Not allowed drones near airports

Stay away from Airports.

Drone rules in Liechtenstein


When you decide to travel and fly your drone in Liechtenstein you need to be informed about the drone regulations about this. Always read the latest rules and information on the official web pages.

Main responsive authorities


 info.abi@llv.li / +423 236 60 72

Drone rules in Liechtenstein

Our advise is always to be up to date with the latest news and conditions before you decide and perform a drone flight.

 – Always keep people privacy. This rule is very important because Liechtenstein has strong privacy laws and the eventual penalties are severe. You can educate yourself on these laws before performing drone flight.

 – You need to have permission from the CAA. The application for this permit you can find on the official website.

 – Maximum allowable weight of the drone – 30 kilograms. 

 – Keep visual contact with the drone during hall flight. 

 – If your drone is more than 500 grams – Liability Insurance is required. 

 – Keep a distance of 5 kilometers to the Balzers area.

  – Landtag Building or Vaduz Castle – are forbidden for close flights. 

More information about drone rules in Liechtenstein you can find here.

Some tourist travel tips for Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein: Landmarks in the small principality

The Principality of Liechtenstein is nestled quietly between Austria and Switzerland and is often neglected at the expense of the surrounding European countries, which offer a long list of attractions.
33,000 people live in an area of ​​just over 160 square kilometers. Although one of the smallest countries in the world, the Principality of Liechtenstein deserves the attention of tourists – at least for the following reasons.

Vaduz Castle

Vaduz is the capital of the small principality, and its most famous landmark is Vaduz Castle, perched on a hill, 120 meters above the city. It is believed that the castle was first built here in the 12th century as a defensive fortress, and in the 18th century became the property of the princely family. At the beginning of the last century, the castle became the residence of the princes of Liechtenstein, and today you can see it only from a distance, as it is not open to tourists.

The Prince’s Road – the most beautiful mountain pass

Crossing the Retikon mountain range on the so-called Prince’s Road – this is the most famous route, which passes through alpine pastures, coniferous forests, picturesque panoramas and several extreme sections with stretched steel rope. The length of the transition is about 6 km and takes about 3 hours.

The Prince’s Winery

Fans of good wine should definitely visit the winery of the Prince of Liechtenstein. A walk through the vineyards and a tasting in one of the best parts of the Rhine Valley are a great idea to make the most of your time in Liechtenstein. The winery is located in Vaduz.

The winter resort of Malbun

Liechtenstein also has a ski resort located behind the southern chains of the Alps. Malbun has 23 km of slopes, 3 chair lifts (one of which has heated seats), as well as numerous facilities for children.

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