Drone Vertigo Effect - How to do it.

Here you can find some very interesting tips create Vertigo effect

Drone Vertigo Effect - cool shoot technique.


In this article, we shall talk about some really cool effect which goes perfect with drone footage. It called Vertigo effect. So the Vertigo effect os this so weird, trippy effect that brings a lot of intention to your subject. Is something like disordering the background with and it has a really cool look. There are a few different ways to do it this and we will explain the proper way first. And after that the quickest, faster and easy way to do it with a drone.

We give you advice how to create Vertigo Effect:

Essentially what happens in the Vertigo effect is that the camera is moved closer to the subject but at the same time the Zoom is on it. So you are actually zooming out into a wider focal length. But it does not look like the camera is really moving, but because the focal length changes that keep the same framing. But what really changing and causes this weird trippy surreal effect is the relationship between the foreground and the background. The distortion or the compression. And because of this compression, you get that cool look.

The first and proper way to do this is to use something like a slider or even use a gimbal, but it is a little bit tricky because you have to zoom at the same time. So while we are going close to the object we are also zooming out of the length at the same time. We think the best way is to keep the framing as close to the same as is possible from beginning to end. But you can also play around and have a little bit of zooming effect at the same time while this Vertigo Effect is happening. Super easy to do it with a slider or a dolly but it is a little bit hard because you have to use a slider or gamble because you have to have a motorized system to do actually zoom for you while you dolly in with the gimble.

This was the core explanation of how to do this amazing drone Vertigo effect. Now we will talk about do it with a drone. Well, it is actually pretty easy, especially with 4K footage. All you need is a clip going forwards or backwards if you like, but forwards goes pretty well and you actually need to do the zoom in post. You don’t need to change the focus line. You can just zoom into your footage and that’s why the 4K footage works especially well and thas way you not gonna lose so many details.

In the Post production phase.
We just gonna put the clip at the end and gonna put a keyframe on the scale 1000. Then we gonna the beginning of the clip and we gonna zoom in.
The result is just “Wow!”. The technique is so easy in fact, but the sense it brings is really big. You can do it with any clip you want. It doesn’t have to be drone footage. But with no doubt, you can use it exactly on your drone footage and reach this col effect. Just keep in mind not to use it every time at each footage. This will bring a sense of bored people who are watching it. Just use it on some point or a moment in your footage to put an accent on in, to make it special. This is the charm of this drone Vertigo effect techniques.

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