Flying Drone in Hot Weather Conditions


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Flying a drone in extreme weather conditions can become a challenge. No matter it’s about cold or hot weather temperatures, you need to keep in mind several important tips. They will provide safe and easy drone flights. In our previous article dedicated to Flying a drone in Cold weather conditions, we’ve discussed what is good and what bad to do. Now we shall talk about flying drone in hot weather conditions.

Flying Drone in Hot Weather - need to know.

Most of the drones are built to withstand high temperatures. Up to 0°C (104° Fahrenheit) – this means they are tested and secure in this range. Over that temperature, you risk having some failures and problems with your UAV.
First of all, you need to check your drone manufacture guidance and learn what they recommend.
High temperatures can produce that your wires and batteries can start melting witch is the most dangerous scenario. Long exposure to extreme heat can cause short life to your batteries. Except for your drone and its equipment, the high temperatures can cause also an unexpected shutdown of your mobile phone and that may lead to incidents. You can lose all shooted footage. Another effect that can occur is Propeller Efficiency. In sweltering temperatures, the Air can be thicker. This is evident more when it’s humid out. The thicker hot air forces the propellers to work harder to keep the Drone in the Air. This contributes to shorter flight times in the heat.

What can you do to avoid unwanted problems with your drone?

We can recommend the following tips:

 – Make short drone flights. Don’t use the max possible drone time flight. When you make short flights the overheating can be avoided. Make pauses to give time to cool down.

 – Never leave your drone and the equipment in a hot car. This may cause heavy damages to the wires, plastic elements, and electronics. 

 – Check also the humidity. Even in a clear sky, the humidity may be at high levels which also can bring some troubles. You have to keep your drone and equipment dry.

Avoid Flying Drone in Hot Weather

In conclusion, we can say that every extreme weather condition is dangerous for your drone, its equipment, and your experience. No matter we talk about extreme heat, or extreme cold- all these weather conditions can damage your drone. To protect it, you need to keep the manufactures requirements and pieces of advice. Read carefully the User manual before performing your drone flight. First of all, you need to guarantee the safety of you and your drone.

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