Why should follow the FAA drone laws?


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At the very end of the last year – 2020, one drone pilot has got a penalty in the amount of $182,004. In fact, they are multiple separate penalties with a value of 1.500$. This man has received them all at the beginning of November – 123 pieces! Each letter is for some violation of the FAA drone laws. The FAA has issued fines for various infractions such as flying over 400 feet, reckless flying, flying in the rain, fog, and in strong winds.

Flying a drone keeping the FAA drone laws

What type of drone pilot is this man? He is a Youtube comedian and his name is Mikey. His nickname on Youtube is PhillydroneLife. He was punished on the basis of the videos he published on his Youtube channel.

While showing the videos, the authorities apparently found various violations of the rules and that is why he was sanctioned. He himself says in one of his videos that he is an honest man and is for following the rules when practicing drone flying. However, he is unable to pay this huge fine and a campaign is currently underway to support him. He admits that he is not aware of absolutely all the fines and that they are incomprehensible and unclear to him.
Whether he is guilty or not – there are authorities to determine. But obeying the laws when flying a drone is something extremely important for any drone pilot. Otherwise, he risks getting into a situation like this.

Understanding and following the FAA drone laws of flying is something very important and we advise every pilot to read and follow carefully. If there are unclear elements of the regulations – ask and consult with the relevant authorities before taking a flight. When planning a drone flight, be sure to inquire about local regulations and laws, as well as general ones.

Keep the FAA drone laws

The described violations are related to the safety of the flight and respectively of the people and objects in the flight area. Flying above the allowable altitude always carries risks. Flying in foggy and rainy weather – too. Drone electronics can fail at any time and you are not able to react and control the situation. The risk of accidents increases significantly. Risky and reckless maneuvers during the flight also endanger the flight.
We have taken care to provide you with synthesized and detailed information on FAA drone laws and advise you to always read them before flying your drone. If you have any questions, contact the local authorities in charge of drone flights. Do not fly without being safe and informed. This would save you unpleasant accidents and unnecessary fines.

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