How drones are used for fighting Coronavirus in different countries

How countries are trying to fight the Coronavirus Pandemia with Drones

Coronavirus - Fighting it with drones.


The drones are getting involved in the fight with the Coronavirus. In different countries, there is information that drone pilots are helping the official authorities. Some examples of drones participation are listed here. The police departments are also using drones to control the crowds.

How does one drone work in such conditions
and situation of Coronavirus?

The major question - Is it possible drones to help this fight? 

Basically, the drone is working with its own programs. You give the start of a program and after that just follow the instructions to fly automatically. You have to take off and landing vertically. You can start from a room, for example, and go outside, on a distance. You can go and observe the people movements and help guards preventing the people in quarantine. Actually, the drone pilots in China are really contributing to the Coronavirus fight with a variety of aspects.

What are the drones capable to do in this situation and how they can help?

Firstly we can be equipped with a zoom camera which can identify people who are in large city areas. The official guards are not having enough resources to cover the crowd so basically they choose to use drone technology. With drones, they can take off from a little space and observe the crowd and when spot many people at one place, to take action, alert the stuff on the ground and react at the moment.
The second way to helo is that the drone may have a Loudspeakers like normally driving police cars are having. And because the drones can fly almost everywhere this can help to see a lot of people at one place and can react if the social distance is not kept.
The Chinese drone pilots are working with the government. The efforts for fighting the Coronavirus is really getting involved with each possible help.

In first place is the most infected country - China.

There drone pilots and the official authorities are using drones. Here you can see the police using drones with loudspeakers to tell people to go home, wear a face mask or keep the social distance.

In the second video, you can see the police drones with loudspeakers in Nice, France.

 They repeat the rules about safe personal distance and the preventing methods. There are publications in local media that private company, based in Nice, offered its services to the region’s law enforcement. There are now small drones flying over the city.
Each drone weighs in at 800 grams (about 1.7 lbs) and they are flying over the city.

The Spanish police also use drones to fight the Covid-19 Pandemia

The spread of the virus in this country is going so fast, so the authorities are using every possible method to stop and prevent many new infected individuals. This innovative technique – you can see in the video.

In Italy, the situation with Coronavirus is hard.

And it is becoming even more complicated in the past few days. Now, the military police have deployed drones for observing people who are not keeping the quarantine rules.

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