How to make amazing drone photos

Here you can find some interesting tips for drone filming

Simple basic rules to produce great drone photos

In the past, aerial photography was rare and an expensive hobby. The shooting with a drone was a highly complicated procedure. It was necessary to have special heavy and expensive equipment and to do it from aircraft.
This day drones are not longer such expensive fortunes. It s a matter only to wishing and decision. Aerial photography is now open to any who want to practice it. Drones are coming with perfect basic equipment – digital cameras witch create fabulous aerial photos.
On the market, you can find different drones – Service-Drone, DJI, Yuneec, 3DR and Aerialtronics. The Inspire 2 model of DJI has become a leader and choice to many professional photographers all over the Globe.
These drones can connect to your smartphone or tablet and you have the chance to see and watch what you are doing. The live feed of the camera ensures this. With this option, you are saved to “shoot in the dark”.

Here are the basic preparation steps
to create amazing drone photos

Start Shooting

The first and very important step is to synchronize your drone to your mobile device before start shooting. You have to be sure that all controls are functioning properly. Then you have to be sure that the settings of the camera are set the way you want. Each camera has such an option in the menu. you have to set – Focus method, Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, White balance and Stabilization of the photography. Usually, this setting must look like this – Continouns mode of shooting, High resolution of ISO,
Aperture on max and high shutter speed. For the White balance setting – you need to have a little bit more experience. The right light exposure is about learning and practice. Almost every drone comes with Gimbals – it will ensure stable settings.

Start create your amazing drone photos

Taking the photos is only the beginning of the creation of fantastic final results. Sometimes in the drone photography taking a “perfect shot” is just totally impossible. Just because you are doing that remotely. Taking the pictures is only the very start of the hall process. That explains why the after shooting process of editing is so important and critical. For do this edit you have to be sure that the programs and software are really good. You can choose from many different programs to do that – Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Lightroom, Corel Paintshop Pro, etc.

Most prefered program from the professional aerial photographers is Adobe Lightroom. It hast largest possibilities to edit your photos and the work with this program and the process of edit images became just in a game. you can play around with all the choices you have.

Edit the photos after shooting

No matter which software you will use, the basics of editing that you need to keep in mind are:
– Cropping
– Object Removal
– Harmonizing levels  – Correcting Colors
– “Magic Hour” or “Golden Hour” Effect
– Removing Haze
– Reducing Noise

If you have followed all our recommendations and practice you should be already ready to create your amazing drone photos.

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