Drone laws in the Bahamas

A list of drone regulations and links for drone pilots in the Bahamas

Bahamas Regulations Overview:


Is a registration necessary?

You need to have Registration.

Recreational use of drones allowed?

Yes, it is allowed.

Is drone insurance mandatory?

It is recommended.

Commercial use of drones permitted?

Yes, but with conditions.

Does the drone need a badge?


Maximum Altitude:

120 metters

Respect the privacy of other people

Don’t forget this rule.

Not allowed drones near airports

Stay away from Airports.

Drone laws in the Bahamas


When you decide travel and fly your drone in the Bahamas you need to be inform about the drone regulations about this. Always read the latest rules and information on the official web pages.

Main responsive authorities


dronesupport@bcaa.gov.bs/ +1 242 397 4700

Drone laws in the Bahamas:

General Drone Rules for Flying a Drone in the Bahamas

Our advise is always to be up to date with the latest news and conditions before you decide and perform a drone flight.

 – All drones must have a Permit for flying in the sky above the Bahamas. 

 – Your drone also needs to be Registered. This registration can be done here.

 – Distance to any populated area – a minimum of 150 meters. 

 – Distance to any building, person or vehicle – 15 meters. 

 – Max altitude – 120 meters. 

 – Flying over military objects, Nature disasters or “No Drone Zone” areas – is forbidden. 

 – Distance to any Airport – at least 10 kilometres. 

 – Flying at night is Forbidden.

 – Flying in bad weather conditions or low visibility is forbidden. 

 – Flying over private property without permission from the owner is forbidden.

Here you can find all official legislation documents for flying a drone in the Bahamas.  We advise you to be up to date with the newest drone laws in the Bahamas.

Some tourist travel tips for the Bahamas

The Bahamas is a favourite holiday destination not only for romantic honeymoons and happy days with friends but also for the serenity that reigns here and your exotic surroundings. Not by chance, the famous actor Johnny Depp was overwhelmed by the fabulous views here and recently bought a spot on a desert island.

Although discovered as far back as 1492 by Christopher Columbus, the Caribbean islands were officially recognized as an independent state only in 1973. Until then, they were inhabited by British colonialists and considered overseas possession of Britain. At that time, many Africans were brought to the islands to serve as slaves, which is why, to this day, much of the Bahamas’ population is made up of Africans. Out of about 330,000 people, 85% are Africans and only 12% are white.

The Bahamas weather is warm and humid throughout the year and, unfortunately, often accompanied by devastating hurricanes. The Bahamas are characterized by many salt lakes.
Magical exoticism, romance and tranquillity… you’ll find it all on the fabulous Bahamas – the first pieces of land that Christopher Columbus finds in the Caribbean.

In the distant 17th century they were settled by British colonialists and later declared overseas by the British. The islands gained their independence in 1964 and were officially declared an independent state on July 10, 1973.

Today, the Bahamas is one of the most planned tourist destinations in the world. The islands are a great place for a honeymoon and a romantic vacation or a colorful and exotic vacation in the company of friends.

Coco Cay is the uninhabited, private island of the Royal Caribbean Cruise Company. It is not inhabited by people, but daily they dock the company’s cruise ships. The island offers many beaches, a barbecue restaurant, a seaside and entertainment area. There are sun loungers and hammocks under the palm trees near the boat stop, but it is usually crowded with passengers.

Nassau is probably the most famous and most visited island in the Bahamas. Only three or four cruise ships call the port every day, which means an average of about 10,000 tourists visits Nassau every day. Adding one of the most famous hotels in the world – the Atlantis Resort / a copy of it was built on the Palm in Dubai / as well as many other hotels, you can imagine the influx of tourists.

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