Drone rules in France

A list of drone regulations and links for drone pilots in France

French Regulations Overview:


Is a registration necessary?

You need to have Registration.

Recreational use of drones allowed?

Yes, it is allowed.

Is drone insurance mandatory?

It is recommended.

Commercial use of drones permitted?

Yes, but with conditions.

Does the drone need a badge?


Maximum Altitude:

150 metters

Respect the privacy of other people

Don’t forget this rule.

Not allowed drones near airports

Stay away from Airports.

Drone rules in France


When you decide travel and fly your drone in France you need to be inform about the drone regulations about this. Always read the latest rules and information on the official web pages.

Main responsive authorities


Twitter: @DGAC

Drone laws in France:

General Drone Rules in France

If you want to fly your drone above the sky of France you need to be informed about the regulations and drone laws for this. France is famous with it’s beauties. The mountains, the rivers, the Riviera and many others. Many Drone pilots love to reach the french sky and take the perfect shots. But like every special job, this one have also some specific conditions, so the final result to be grated and safety.

No matter of model drone you have, if it is over 800g, you must register it. This registration is made by the owner of the drone at the website AlphaTango. This is a public portal for owners or users of aircraft (remote control). After you fill the necessary fields, you will get a registration number. After you have taken this number you need to attach it strongly on the visible side of the drone. It must be readable of maximum distances of 30cm with a not armed eye. In case that some check appears the pilot needs to have proof of this registration.

There are a few absolutely forbidden cases for NOT flying your drone :

– Over people.

– Over private property (this is allow only if you have permission from the owner).

– Over Airfields on Airports.

– Military objects and installations.

– Nuclear Power Plants.

– Historical monuments.

– National Parks.

– Prisons.

See this map to view drone flight restrictions by Geolocation.

General Drone rules in France for all type pilots

There are two types of pilots – Recreational (Hobby) and Commercial (Professional)

No mater what type you are, the good practices is to follow the regulations and drone laws in the country where you intend to fly your drone. The drone pilots shall be maximum informed before take off their drone. The security and safety of the people on the ground is the major important thing.

Their privacy – too. To be good pilot means to be responsible and organized.

For the first category – Hobby pilots – drone rules are:

Height (Maximum) – Max 150m / 492ft

> 150m / 492ft – special approval required

Distance (Maximum) – None, but is good be in the range of line-of-sight.

If approval for beyond line-of-sight has been given, than the fly might be outside this range.

Competence Statement / License – Not required.

Maximum Take-Off Weight – not required.

Day Times – Normally day time operations. Only in the case that you have approval then the fly must be done in a night time.

Labelling Requirements – Recommended, but not required.

Drone Liability Insurance – Always required.

For the second category – Professional pilots (Commercial ) the drone rules in France are :

In principal the drone flying is allowed. But you need to apply to the rules below and Authorization by French DGAC.

Height – Max 150m / 492ft ( Required for > 150m / 492ft – Special approval)

Distance – Max – none, but the operator must be in line-of-sight all the time. Unless he/she have approval for beyond.

Max Take-Off Weight – No

Drone Liability InsuranceMandatory Always.

Labeling Requirements – Not required, but Recommended.

Times of fly – Only Day time unless you have Approval.

License ( Competence Statement ) – Required.

FFD have rules for flying a drone (commercially) in France.

For the Commercially fly a Drone in France there are additional requirements.

These pilots must past Exam witch is theoretical. This Exam may be passed at specified DSAC facilities or online. After taking the exam a Certificate is issued and it must be printed and carried all the time during all flights. Also, these pilots must undergo practical training witch is provided from the organizations. Sessions and activities. It is not possible the drone pilot to provide his own practice.

For ensuring drone traffic in the territory of Europe – to be safe and secure for people, in the air and on the ground, European Commission adopted strict rules. They are applied to all drone pilots – hobby and professionals. The another key is to follow all technical requirements.

With the pilot registration, define of geographical zones and remote identification, the authorities will be able to prevent abuse or illegal drone activities. By 2020, drone pilots will have to be registered by the national authorities.

To follow the most important requirements and the drone rules in France is the major thing.

These basic Drone rules, which will replace existing national rules in EU Member States, apply not only to safety. But also to safety contain important building blocks for reducing the security risks associated with drones.

In fact these drone rules are in force for all type of drones – no mater of their weight.

All mass-produced drones will need to apply the minimum requirements – the electronic identification and registration. The drones under 25kg may be able to fly without permission, but in according to some conditions – the drone to fly under 120m high, the pilot to have visual contact with the drone during flight and to fly far way from any people.

The countries authorities will be able to establish No-Fly Zones, where the drones will be not allowed entering. This will be made by satellite Geolocations of the zones.

Besides these rules, the correct drone pilot must strictly hold the basic conditions :

– Never loose the drone from sight;

– Never loose the drone from sight;

– Never fly over people.

– Never fly over public arrays and spaces.

– Never fly near Airports and Airfields.

– Never fly in Night time.

– Always respect the privacy of people.

– Always keep the drone in the range of maximum high.

If there is something not clear – always search more information. There is enough info in the internet – in the official websites of the different countries Authorities or just in the space. If you are confused for something – just search or ask.

In each case – Be prepared with everything before fly on the air your drone.


General Drone rules in France for all tourist pilots

There is no doubt there are many famous objects in France witch attract tourist all over the globe. Some of them are drone pilots who may want to get the “Perfect Shot” above the sky of France. These drone pilots must be aware for the legal risks.

The monuments type of “Louvre” or “Arc de Triomphe” are most loved places where the amateur drone pilots have try to photograph. All the gorgeous Paris is attractive. But exactly to this places many pilots have been arrested. The French drone laws are very strict.

Very important thing is the map of the French no-fly zones.

We advise you to check and read always the official websites for newest drone laws in France or of the countries where you will fly your drone.

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