Make Time-lapse with a drone - what is the secret


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Time-lapse is one of the most interesting and innovative techniques, which guarantees stunning results. Of course, if you know how to do it. Every photographer and drone pilot knows about time-lapse, but of course, doing it with a drone seems more exciting.

Time-lapse with a drone

Doing time-lapse with a drone gives astonishing results. The photos taken above the earth, combined with the movement on the groups create the perfect picture. However, sometimes it Is hard to make it, even for the best drone pilots. That’s why we will give you some detailed explanation on how to get the perfect time lapse shots with a drone. 

What is the secret to make Time-lapse with a drone?

Be prepared for the flight. Consider the location and the object/s that you want to take pictures of. Then, have in mind the forecast. You can make good pictures only when the weather is good. It’s a good idea to make a flight before using the Time Shot, to check the area.

Check exposure. It is hard to anticipate the exposure when you have decided to make good time lapse photos. However, better anticipate the lightning and do not add too much complexity.

The speed, the distance, and the length of the interval have an impact on the time lapse. You can do it with 2-second interval, with 5-second interval and with a 10-second interval. Depending on the desired result. You can make some experiments to find the perfect interval for you. Adjust other features too, and then you are ready.

After adjusting the features, you can finally start shooting your time-lapse photos. You should have planned every detail to have a successful experiment. Decide on how much ground you want to cover, decide if your drone will be in line-of-sight most of the time, think of the obstacles your drone may encounter when flying. An advice that I can give you is to keep your drone in sight to  make sure it will not change its position or gimble angle. 

Let us give you an example- if you want to make 5 seconds video, you will need at least 120 photos. This means that if your time interval is 5 seconds, your drone will have to stay at one place for 10 minutes. Here comes another important advice- make sure that you have enough battery to shoot and return. You don’t want to lose the shot or your drone.

Now, you most likely have your photos and you have to put them in one video. In conclusion, we will give you one last piece of advice- the best drones for Time Lapse are the ones who have the longest flight time, and the ability to take as many photos as possible.

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