Mavic Mini White Balance

Here you can find how to set White Balance manualy.

Update to the DJI Fly App 1.08


You’ve probably have heard that the latest update to the DJI Fly App 1.08 version adds manual White Balance control to the Mavic Mini.

Mavic Mini - White Balance - read what are the steps to set up

The new manual white balance feature works in both photo and video mode and that means in photo mode you now have complete manual control over shutter speed ISO and white balance. In video mode yes of course now you have control over white balance but you still have to use auto exposure lock and exposure compensation to maintain a consistent
exposure. There is no full manual control for video yet. Regardless though manual white balance control is a big deal. And when you combine that with the other existing camera controls you now have the ability to keep your color and exposure consistent. And that means better more professional-looking results. Now to adjust your white balance go into System Settings, tap on Camera, tap on Advanced Shooting Settings and then you’ll see the White Balance Control and it’s either Auto or Manual. Auto Mavic Mini White Balance works exactly how it did before.

So if you leave it on Auto you’re just gonna get what you get and your color will just fluctuate all the time depending on what the Mini seeing. When you choose Manual White Balance the slider appears and you can adjust the color temperature as you see fit. Now when switching from auto to manual the initial color temperature value you see is what auto white balance thinks it should be. So at any time if you want to give that value a reset all you need to do is switch to auto and then back to manual and you’ll get back to kind of a baseline color temperature. When adjusting your White Balance moving the slider to the right chooses a higher color temperature number that has more yellow-orange to the scene making it look warmer. When you move in the opposite direction to the left that adds more blue making your scene look cooler. Now the really great thing here is that once you set a manual white balance its persistent. So if you reboot your mini swap batteries or even switch between photo and video mode that value doesn’t change. Only by choosing auto white balance while that value gets reset. This new option for Mavic Mini White balance is great.

Steps of setting correct the White Balance

There is only one negative thing – the fact that you can’t see what your white balance is set to from the DJI fly app main screen. If you want to find out if your auto or manual white balance or what that value is, you have to drill down three menus deep. Because there’s no shortcut. That’s kind of too bad because one of the things is super about the DJI fly app is the placement of the camera controls. All the essentials are right there at your fingertips. But we are hopeful that overtime DJI will polish the app a bit more and the white balance setting will end up
right down there with exposure compensation and auto exposure lock  right where it should be. But either way, we can be happy they edit the feature and you’re going to be using it every single time when you are out there shooting pictures or video with your Mini. So go update your DJI flyout fire up your Mavic Mini get out there and shoot some amazing pictures and video.

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