ND Filters - when you need them?


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The Neutral Density Filters are useful. They neutralize the quantity of light entering your camera lens. That helps to reduce the light entering your camera lens. The ND filters don’t impact the quality of the image and the colors and sharpness. They help to clean your photo from any unwanted flashes and sparkling areas.

What is the ND Filters?

When using ND filters, you have much greater control over the aperture and the shutter speed. The shutter speed is why you will want to use ND filters in aerial cinematography and photography.
To set up your shutter speed correctly (for videography), some smart folks came up with a straightforward rule:

2 x frame rate = “ideal” shutter speed

If you are recording with 25fps, you should ideally set up your shutter speed to a value of 50. If you are recording with 60fps, you should ideally set up your shutter speed to a value of 120.

Using ND Filters is a perfect choice when you will shot moving objects or shiny landscapes. The reduction of extra light will bring smoot and perfect final result. 

The ND filters vary. They have values according to how much light they stop – f-stops. F-1 or F-2 shows the power of stopping. If you want to stop much light – you have to use a high-level f – 4. 

When you fly your drone and intend to shot in high lighted areas, the usage of ND filters is perfect. But we have to tell that ND filters are useful when you will shoot moving objects. In this case, a blur will appear and you need a filter. If you shoot just landscapes without any moving object you don’t need so these filters. 

Our advice is to plan your flight and if you intend to shoot some movements – then place some ND filter. 

The market offers many options and models ND filters. You can choose the best for you upon your need. 

Various densities of filters are available to make it work for your scene. The darker the filter, the less light it allows, so either save those for brighter days or when you want to drag the shutter for a long exposure. If you only fly during the day and want something to cut light in general for video, then you may want a less dense filter to leave on your camera. Your own shooting needs will dictate the exact density you need, but the filters generally come in kits, so you will be prepared for anything.

Except shooting just landscapes with ND filters, you may want to learn also how to use the Focus Track function.

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