New DJI Matrice 300 RTK - What you get?

One brand new model UAV

Martice 300 RTK


The DJI company just have released the new UAV model – Matrice 300 RTK.

Every day good people fight a fire, save lives and keep our world revolving even in the toughest conditions. In times like these, nothing is more critical than being able to trust your team and your tools.
Meet the new MATRICE 300 RTK and Zenmuse H20 Series. Together they form the foundation for reinventing the world of work.

MATRICE 300 RTK - all functions

The MATRICE 300 RTK boasts a 55-minute flight time, 15 Kilometers Transmission range, Superior fly performance and power intelligent functions.
For the first time ever Dual vision and tof sensors appears on the hall 6 sides of the aircraft. Providing the Matrice 300 RTK with the Ultimate positioning and Obstacle avoidance capabilities.
Flying Navigation and obstacle data are presented in the new primary flight display this provided unprecedented situational awareness. A powerful flying platform requires an equally capable payload by combining the wide-angle camera – 12 Mega Pixels, 23 times optical Zoom camera, Thermal camera and a laser rangefinder. The Zenmuse H20 series is the optimal match for the Matrice 300 RTK. The new UI lets you quickly scan an area with a wide-angle or Thermal camera. Preview of the subject of interest and then Zoom in to confirm critical details all with just two taps.

Combining the intelligence of the Matrice 300 RTK and the versatility of the Zenmuse H20 series yields the unprecedented activity for your field operations. Minimize operative work by automatic routine missions with AI spot check. You can mark objects of interest after a demo flight, then the aircraft will replicate the position angle and framing automatically for future missions. Save time and get highly detailed imagery of a large area through high-res grid photos. Select an area of interest then capture a set of photos with a long-range zoom camera – all with a single tap. In coordinated missions, it is essential yet challenging to synchronize aerial intelligence with ground and command teams. Use the Pinpoint function to mark the subject of interest and instantly share the precise location data to your second operator or ground teams via DJI Flight Hub.
The advanced dual operator mode lets each operator obtain control of the aircraft or payload with a single tap. This creates new possibilities for mission strategies during operations.


With Smart Track, you can now automatically detect and track a moving object even in extreme distances while synchronizing the subject’s dynamic location in real-time.

Efficiency doesn’t stop with just software. Downtime is minimized by a hot-swappable battery system that keeps power flowing without the need to reboot the aircraft. A new quick charging battery station allows for rapid recharging of four groups of flight and controller batteries. So you can keep operations going for as long as you need.

If that’s not enough – the Matrece 300 RTK platform supports up to three payloads simultaneously and 2,7 kilograms of total payload weight.
Compatibility with its DJI’s developer tools means you’ll have access to a variety of industry-specific solutions in the months and the years to come.
The Matrice 300 RTK and Zenmuse H20 Series are rewriting the standards for industrial UAV solutions.

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