New FAA rules for the small drones

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The small drones can fly over people and roads


The new FAA rules for small drones are expected to clear the way of the use of drones by insurers. This will mainly affect insurance companies that use drones to capture and assess property insurance risks. The Human Operations Rules, which came into force on April 21, permit certified commercial drone pilots to fly over people and moving vehicles. It also allows them to fly at night, with specific conditions.

FAA rules for the small drones

The most important thing is that the drone is under 250 grams in weight and its propellers are completely incapable of injuring human skin. These rules allow heavier drones to fly, but only if they are able to prove that they are safe to fly over people and in the event of a fall. In late 2020, the FAA issued a decree allowing insurers to fly over roads. Prior to that, it was completely forbidden and even the drone had to be raised by hand almost to cross the street. These drones are mainly used to assess damage after accidents and roof inspections. The forthcoming rules will greatly facilitate their work. To obtain such a decree from the FAA, the State Farm organized a series of drone flight tests to show that it was safe to fly over the roads. There will be no danger to cars or people. The FAA website shows that Chubb Insurance and Auto-Owners Insurance have also obtained rule waivers, both to allow nighttime drone operations. FAA is currently working on the rules for drones up to 250 grams, and then it is planned to draft a new decree for heavier ones. It should be clear that this permission will allow you to cross the road or people just during flying so as not to interrupt your flight. But that doesn’t mean you can drive calmly on the road.

If you are a hobby drone pilot and have a small drone under 250 grams of weight, then you have nothing to worry about. Small and light drones are not subject to special sanctions and permits. You just have to be careful whenever you fly your drone. The safety of yourself and the people around you comes first. Follow the basic rules for drone flying and everyone will be safe.
And if you are a professional pilot and your drone weighs 250 grams, then you will have to wait a few months until the rules for heavy drones come out.

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