New technology allows 1 person to fly 130 drones


Image source: Pixabay

The Pentagon in the United States has helped develop technology that allows 1 person to control 130 drones for military operations. Raytheon is behind the development.

Is it possible 1 person to fly 130 drones?

The project is implemented in cooperation with the Agency for Advanced Defense Research Projects (DARPA). We remind you that this agency has a key role in the creation of Internet technology.

The team has already successfully tested its new technology in an urban indoor and outdoor environment, according to a company press release. Named OFFSET, the swarm consists of 130 drones. Raytheon claims that the software and hardware used for this purpose allow the operator to command aircraft with “minimal training”.

Of course, the swarm operator will not do so on a joystick desk. Instead, it will use a virtual reality interface (VR), which allows each drone to be monitored individually.

The team has also created a voice interface that allows operators to send voice commands to aircraft. The idea is to act even faster, while maintaining “situational awareness”, the company explains.

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