What are Drone Anti Collision Lights?

Here you can find is flying drone at night is allowed.

Flying drone at night with Anti collision lights


When it comes to navigating a drone at night tome, it is quite challenging because there are so many questions about “Can I fly at night” or “I can not fly at night”.

The answer is that Recreational and Hobby pilots – you can fly at night.

You need to have Drone Anti Collision Lights

What are the Drone Anti collision lights and how to fly a drone at night? 

The answer is that Recreational, Hobby pilots – you can fly at night. Absolutely. If you don’t flying on purposes, to make money, you can fly at night. And the Commercial drone pilots – you can fly at night also, but you need to have “Daytime Waiver” ( it is actually night time waiver, but the authorities name it Daytime waiver). The process of getting a Daytime Waiver has been pretty much useless. Because it takes 8 months to a year to get one of those. And when you get them you will steel have the hassle to fly. Soon, not now, but pretty soon we will be able to fly at night as Commercial drone pilots without getting a Waiver. We will gonna have to take some Educational courses or classes and those are coming. They gonna be introduced at us when the Remote Identification – ID is in place. So when the Remote ID comes out, then shortly after that we will see the rules like “Flying at Night” and the Training we have to go throw. Hobbyist and Commercial drone pilots- all of us we will have to go that training.
Now let’s talk about what is the definition of “Anti-collision lighting“.
Basically, there are 4 standards, that have to be qualified.

First of all, it has to be Flashing. It must be on “On-Off mode”, not to be lighting all the time.

The second thing it is, that it must be Red or White, so when you buy them- they give you a white base with a red cap, and also they give you a Green cap.

The third thing is – It must be visible from 360 degrees. So from any direction that you are viewing the drone, you have to be able to see the strobing light.

And the last thing is that is must be visible from 3 statute miles.

The navigation lights on your drone can not be counted for Anti-collision lights. You are not able to see them from 360 degrees. So think about some good light cubes in the market. They are practice and can be placed on absolutely each existing drone. The good ones last up to 3 hours and are resisting to temperatures, so you need to have some of them to fly your drone at night.

We recommend you be careful when you place the cube on your drone – to not disturb any working tool of your drone. You can put it on top of the drone or on the bottom. You can choose that. But the top position is preferred because on the bottom there are many different sensors which may interrupt correct functions.

If you need more specific information about rules and conditions for Drone Night Flight – you can read this article. 

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