Ravn X Rollout - the largest drone.

Read what is the latest information on the new largest drone.

Ravn X


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Some very interesting news is coming up. One of the biggest drones ever built is a reality already. The latest news comes from the United States.

The United States is becoming the first country to launch drones from satellites. This is thanks to the Alabama-based company Aevum. It has created one of the largest drones in the world. The drone, called Ravn X, will launch rockets with satellites into orbit while flying at high altitudes. This is expected to reduce the cost of these missions. The Pentagon is also pleased that it can deploy many small-sized spacecraft more quickly and even quietly in Space.

The largest Drone

Ravn X is one of the largest drones ever created. When refueled and loaded, the drone weighs 25,000 kilograms. The aircraft is nearly 6 meters high, 24 meters long and its wingspan is 18 meters.

The biggest advantage of the drone is that it can deliver payload to low Earth orbit in approximately three hours. According to Aevum, this will reduce the time to perform satellite launches from years to months. This is due to the fact that the missiles that the aircraft will launch are much cheaper and faster to make. In addition, the drone can take off from any runway, making it much easier to plan space missions, which are limited by the presence of several dozen spaceports and rocket sites around the planet. Ravn X uses standard aviation kerosene.

The first Ravn X mission will try to put the US Space Force’s ASLON-45 satellite into orbit sometime next year. Aevum reveals that the drone actually serves as a first stage, which is very cheap and can be used repeatedly. The company kept the project a secret for a long time, which is why it did not enjoy much media attention.

Definitely the development of the drone industry is starting to cover more and more new areas. No wonder in the near future to build fully safe drones to transport people and cargo.

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