Techniques for perfect drone photos - tips 11-15

Here you can find some very interesting tips for drone filming

Drone photos shooting Tips - Part III

In this article, we continue introducing you the 15 absolutely basic and important techniques so you can shot just perfect and stunning photos.
These tips and techniques include hot to set and use the following options: UAV forecast, Filming in RAW format, Lighting, Leading Lines, Creating Depth in photos, Auto exposure bracketing and others.
They are not difficult to understand, but you need to practice them so you can become a professional photographer. Many of them are valid both for Ground and Aerial Photography. Here are the technique tips #11-15.

So we give you the best super techniques below:


Advice 11. Aspect Ratios 3:2, 4:3 and 16:9 - use it!

When we speak to images we often use two terms: Image size and Aspect Ratio. The Image size we are measuring by the dimensions: height and width of the photo. The most used Aspect ratios are 4:2 or 3:2. and the big part of cameras today have these options. They are based on film sizes from the past. The first parameter is always the width. If you allow to your drone to capture in 16:9 ratio- then it would crop each image even before you transfer it to your computer. Usually, this ratio is used for film making. If you use it in your drone, then you will have the maximum pixels and options to correct the photo in the post-production process. This can provide perfect drone photos

Advice 12. Use high-quality lens filters on your drone camera.

 Aerial lens filters  – they will bring your drone photos into the next level! They will make your images just look stunning! All you need to do is to understand how they work and what different types are existing. You can buy one set – one carrying pouch with lens filter ring adapter and a cleaning microfiber cloth. The usual kit includes the following filters:  

Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, Blue, Purple, Close up Macro, Ultraviolet UV, Neutral Density (ND2, ND4, ND8) ьха Circular Polarizer CP.

Advice 13. For Improving The Composition And Balance - use the Thirds Grid

This is an essential photography technique and is known as the Rule of Thirds. In fact, you have to remove the wish object away from the centre. You can do this with every object. If you make this, the final result would be more pleasant for the eye when you look at the photo and it seems more natural and realistic. The brings balance in the hall composition.

Advice 14. Different Angles and perspectives - just try them!

You can use intelligent systems to the modern drone for a catch from different perspectives and angles. The aerial photos will be very interesting and possible to make many different combinations in the post-production process. For example, The Mavic has the following options: Cinematic Mode, QuickShots, Hyperlapse, Points Of Interest (POI 2.0), Waypoint Navigation, ActiveTrack 2.0, TapFly. They allow you to shoot from various perspectives.
The Mavic’s Quick has some interesting shots mode: Rocket, Dronie, Boomerang, Asteroid, Circle, Helix. You can use them to try different shoot techniques and to reach very impressive results.


Advice 15. Aerial photos with depth - how to do that.

The sense of depth in the shots is more precious than any other. This feeling can be reached with several different techniques like:

  • Frame the scene using the foreground ( this can be done by using the surrounding and near objects) 
  • Wide angle – this is a good decision with natural effects.
  • Lead Lines; 
  • Overlapping objects. 
  • Shoot on a portrait.
  • Make photos near to the ground using special fly modes of some drone models like Mavic Pro 2 ,  Phantom 4  and DJI Mavic Air. 

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