The best weather conditions to fly a drone


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Weather, weather, weather.. one big enemy of the drone flying. You should be a real pro to fly a drone no matter the weather conditions. But what are the best weather conditions to fly a drone, and how to deal with wind, rain, or snow?

What are the best weather conditions to fly a drone?

The best weather conditions to fly a drone

As you can imagine, the best weather conditions for playing with your drone is quiet, clear weather, no wind, or a very light one, normal humidity, and medium temperatures. All these are the perfect mix for having a successful, fun, and exciting flight. However, we are certain that you expected that, but let us give you some good advice on which weather conditions are far away from perfect and you should always have in mind when flying your drone.

Extreme hot temperatures

Summer is not always the best season for your drone. When your drone gets too hot some of its systems may stop working, as the video transmitter for example. Drone batteries don’t like extreme temperatures too, and they are even at the risk of permanent damages in case of overheating.

Rain and snow

We have no more to say than – just water! Most drones are not waterproof, so if you fly your drone while raining it is almost certain that it will be dead after that. However, flying your drone while snowing is not as bad as in the rain, but again, it is not recommended. Yes, we know how good pictures and videos you can make on a snowy day, but we want your drone to be working after that, don’t we?

Windy days

Drones are not a big fan of windy days. However, you can fly your drone when there is a light wind, it will not be a problem until it becomes stronger than 20 mph.  Remember, flying your drone in the wind requires patience and a lot of batteries. When you fly towards the wind your flight time will be less than usual!

Extreme cold temperatures

As we said, extreme temperatures are not the best weather condition for flying a drone. Even if we talk about extreme cold. However, if you decide to do that you are at risk of freezing the electronics and the elements of the drone. Batteries are at high risk too, as the remote connection.

To conclude we can say that the best weather conditions to fly a drone are the same as to go for a long walk or a picnic. If you don’t feel like going for a long calming walk outside, so does your drone.

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