iFlight Alpha A85 HD - The ultimate micro FPV drone

What look like the brand new Alpha A85 HD

iFlight Alpha A85 HD


The improvement of technologies is constantly undergoing serious development. The entry of drones into the daily life of mankind puts companies in constant competition. The race to provide the best and latest is key. And drone pilots, on the other hand, are constantly looking for increasingly high-tech solutions and enjoy a wide variety of options. From small and relatively cheap drones, with normal quantity and quality of functions, to high-tech and fully equipped models.

Shall the small iFlight Alpha A85 HD
catch your intention?

The current model is tiny, convenient to transport and store. It combines good battery parameters, flight time and shooting quality.

Very soon, after only 4 days, the brand new drone –  iFlight Alpha A85 HD, will be released. It is Micro FPV drone model and will be, as it’s named, build on an 85 millimetres size frame. Except this, it will have also HD video transmission.

Instead of DJI’s FPV Air Unit, The iFlight shall use the lighter Caddx Vista HD VTX, respectively to DJI FPV Air Unit.
iFlight Alpha A85 HD comes with AIO F4 flight controller (including ESC – Electronic Speed Controller). There is a possibility to be combined with FPV Googles or FPV transmitters (By default, it can be paired with DJI FPV transmitters and FPV goggles). The design, with 369 degrees protection, is created to protect you and the people around you as well as the drone itself. The plastic canopy protects the electronic parts and the camera Caddx Nebula Nano FPV Camera. The top canopy is fixed with 4 screws, conveniently customizable.

This drone model has an advance. Because of the Whoop style of the blade protectors, and also the powerful brushes, this little drone is really perfect to be used outdoors as well indoors. 

Update: The second version of Alpha Whoop will come with analogue 5.8G VTX and Caddx Loris 4K camera.


iFlight Alpha A85 HD technical specifications

  • 85mm size carbon fibre frame with a protective canopy;

  • TinyWhoop style duct blade protectors;

  • SucceX-D F4 Whoop AIO flight controller with integrated 20A ESC;

  • Pre-tuned with smooth cinematic settings;

  • XING-E 1204 4500KV motors w/ 2 inch propellers;

  • DJI FPV transmitter and goggles compatible;

  • 4S LiPo battery compatible (5~7 min flight time with 450mah battery).

Flight controller specifications

  • Micro-USB plug for configuration and firmware upgrade;

  • MCU: STM32F411;

  • Gyro:MPU6000;

  • Blackbox: 8MB;

  • BEC output: 5V 2A/10V 2A;

  • Integrated 4-in-1 BLHeli-S ESC (G-H-30 BLS);

  • Size: 30.5 x 30.5mm (5.5 x 25.5mm/φ3mm mounting holes).

Small drones are preferable in terms of storage, transportation and use by finer people – ladies, young people or amateurs. With a smaller drone model, any drone pilot could more easily begin their development in this area. Gradually, once he gets used to the size and control of a small drone model, he will then be better able to handle a larger and more powerful drone.

One another new drone was released earlier – the DJIMavic Air 2.  If you are ineterested to now about it – read the article.

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