The Top 3 cheapest drones - under $100.


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Maybe you want to buy a cheap drone? You may be a novice pilot and want to invest in something cheaper as a start. Maybe you want to give your kid a small and easy operate drone?

Buying cheapest drone - enjoy the fun.

What you should mainly keep in mind when buying a drone. The first thing is the flight time. That is, how long the batteries last and how long your machine can fly. The small drones have smaller batteries and a shorter flight, respectively. But 8-9 minutes is usually enough time for a hobby flight. With such short flights with a small drone, the picture quality cannot be expected to be at a super high level, but rather decent.

You have to decide in advance what type of drone you want – indoor or outdoor. In any case, you have to be sure you have propellers protections. Cheaper drone or the expensive one –  this is important to your safety.

If your budget is limited and you want to fit under $ 100 then you can consider the following suggestions. We will present you The Top 3 cheapest drones – under $100.

The cheapest drone Number 1 DJI Tello

This drone is actually made by three companies – DJI, Intel, and Ryze. DJI is the most popular company for drones in the world. The idea of the creation of this small drone is to be perfect both for kids and adults. To be perfect to fly hobby and have fun. To be easy and nice to fly it. The wight of Tello doesn’t have the need to be registered.

Key specifications:

       – Flight time up to 13 minutes when flown professionally

       – The camera comes equipped with 720P video at 30fps, 5mp stills 

       – VR headset compatibility for first-person viewing

The cheapest drone Number 2 – The Scoot Mini drone. 

This drone has some very good specifications. It is really perfect for indoor flights because it has infrared obstacle sensors. This makes it safe.  

It comes with a USB charging cord and that is a major plus- you can charge it everywhere. It gets fully within an hour. Its flight time – is 8 minutes, and the advanced hands-free features make it a great choice. 

The cheapest drone Number 3 – UFO 4000 LED Mini Drones

This drone is a great start for every beginner drone pilot. It has a small size but it has a red and blue light system and you won’t miss seeing it. You can count on propeller guards and a very easy remote system. It will be easy to learn to fly with one of these drones. 

Key specifications: 

 – Remote controller with 1-Key Start/Stop and easy joystick directional controls

 – Lighted propeller guards wrapped with glowing red, blue, and white LEDs

 – Features 4 channels, 2 speeds, Altitude Hold, and Headless Mode

 – Performs 360° mini flips

 – 18 minutes of flight time

No matter what kind of drone you will choose – the cheapest drone or the expensive one, keep in mind that even small drones can cause damages. So you need to be careful and fly with attention. Always read and keep the producer’s recommendations and store your drone and its equipment as the manufacture recommends. 

If you want to learn to fly a drone outdoor and shoot beautiful places – you can read this article on drone footage.

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