Tiny Planet - how to do it with a drone photo

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Basic steps for creating Tiny Planet


In this article, we shall explain how to do Tiny Planet from your 360 degrees Drone Panorama photo. This type of photo is really interesting for drone pilots. We shall use Photoshop and show you the process of creating these little Tiny Planets.

Tiny Planet - the secret of its creation

What we do basically is we put the drone up in the air and then we rotate a little bit and then taking another photograph. We basically create one full 360-degree photo. It is almost like the Panorama photo, but we rotate the drone and the shot position. You can read our article about Drone Panorama photo. It will help you if you are not familiar with this technique. 

Let’s have a look at the process of sticking these photos together and creating this panorama. 

The first thing we’ll going to do is just start from the first photo and select the mold by selecting the first one holding down shift and now we’ve got all the photographs and the entire sequence selected there. Now what we need to do is to get rid of the lens distortion before we can merge them together into Photoshop. So we’re just going to right-click and open these in Camera Raw. So we’ve just going to choose Open in Camera Raw and with the most selected you’ll see they also like there in the left panel. Now what we do is click Select all and this way you’ll notice all the photographs and now select it. So anything we do here is going to apply to them all at once. So what we’re going to do now is just move down to the Lens options on the right side and the Lens Correction and we’ll choose Profile and enable the Lens Profile. We prefer to take JPEG pictures because we can get the photo quickly while it’s rotating through the air without getting thrown too much.
We’ve selected them all. What we are going to do is we’ll just going to click Done and then it applies the correction profile to each one of these photographs. So now what we need to do is just merge them together into Photoshop. So we are going to go under Tools and we’re going to choose Photoshop. And now we’re just going to choose the Photo Merge option so this is going to open these full-size images right here inside the Photo Merge in Photoshop. You could choose Auto, we could do Cylindrical – would probably work quite well but what we’ll going to do is we are just going to use Auto and just click OK.

You can watch video tutorial here

Now what it’s going to do is to look at these photographs and based on the features it’s going to stick them together. Now one of the things to bear in mind when you are shooting aerial photographs when you’re doing panoramas is to create a decent amount of overlap maybe a little bit more than you normally
a photograph. Because normally you do about 30% for a panorama but while we’re doing these aerials you might want to do a little more overlap because you get a little more shift. Because typically with the camera on a tripod you’re only going to get the horizontal but with the quad cuts, you can get vertical and horizontal shift as well as going or rotating why you shall not you attending actually tilting. So you can get different things happening makes a little harder to stitch these together. But anyway here we go – we’ve got all our photographs stitched together right now. And before we do any adjustments to these, to prepare them for our Tiny Planet what we’ll go to do is we are just going to merge all of these. So just make sure they’re all selected and then hit command E or there would be CTRL e on Windows to merge these. Now we’re not really worried about doing a lot of work in here. Right now the first thing we want to do is actually just crop this down to a rectangle. So we crop it in as much as we want, depending on how much of something we want. Keep in mind that the object you want to be central must be in the middle photos. So when you are shooting the photos, start from the left side, go throw the middle point (where is your wished object), and then finish on the rights side. Once you are ready with the area for Crop, just hint Enter. Now they can leave some gaps you want to fill. Choose Invert and apply only to the gaps. This step must fix and the final photo will be finished.  The next step is to make the photo Square. Choose some dimensions around 1300 * 1300 pixels. After that turn that photo upside down.
At this point here we’re ready to take our panorama and turn it into our Tiny Planet. So here’s the trick – we’re just going to grab the move tool here we’re going to go under filter so we’re going to go under the filter distort we’re going to grab Polar Coordinates and then here we’re going to do rectangular to polar. If you want to see what it’s going to look like just click out you can see there’s our little tiny planet. Click OK to apply. Then turn around again the Tiny Planet just the way you like.

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