Travel with a drone - what we need to know

Here you can find some very useful tips for travel with a drone

Travel with a drone - top tips


Travelling with Mavic Air: What You Need to Know?

Going on your first adventure with Mavic Air? There is no doubt that drones can be good company on the go, but many passengers question whether it is appropriate to take their drone aboard an aircraft and whether they can fly it wherever they go. Find the information you need here and be ready to enjoy the fun moments with the drone.
Be prepared for the journey.

So we give you the basic tips for travel with a drone

Before embarking on your journey, it is a good idea to read all the legal and regulatory requirements for drone piloting wherever you go. This will avoid any type of disturbance during your vacation. Before flying your drone, check out our tips on what to know before drone travel.

Preparation of luggage

Put your Mavic Air in the original DJI case. It can be easily and conveniently carried in a small bag or in a backpack.

Be aware of specific customs and similar provisions.

When passing through customs, the drone need not be declared if it is to be used solely for personal use. However, if this is for the purpose of advertising or sale, the drone must be declared according to the specific customs requirements of the country concerned.

Check airport regulations.

Different airlines have different regulations and requirements for the transportation of drones and batteries. Before a flight, it is advisable to consult a representative of the airline concerned on the matter. When checking luggage, batteries are strictly prohibited. The most reasonable solution in this case is to take the appropriate battery for the drone as hand luggage.

Useful steps in preparation for flight.
Step 1 - Check your drone more thoroughly.

Before flying a drone, make sure that:

– The batteries are fully charged;
– The front shoulders, rear shoulders and landing arms are fully extended;
– DJI GO has been updated to the latest version;
– Keep the camera clean.
– Make sure you complete all of these steps.

Step 2 - Choose the right place for departure and landing.
Your drone should take off and land on a fixed, level surface.

Active gesture tracking:
Mavic Air can follow your movements automatically. Whether you are running for cardio, cycling, climbing or surfing, it will help you catch the most stunning cardi from the moment of action.

Asteroid Photo Mode:
With just one touch, flying, Mavic Air can capture a spherical panorama that shapes your environment like an asteroid, all in 10 seconds of video. This mode looks great when used among beaches, wide fields or lakes.

Boomerang Photo Mode:
With just one touch while flying, Mavic Air can capture spiralling video around you. This mode looks great when used at the top of a mountain.

Choosing a Flight Location:

1. Check the weather forecast for the area.
Do not fly in bad weather like strong winds (wind speeds from level 5 and up), snow, rain, fog, etc.

2. Look around you.
Choose an outdoor area where there are no tall buildings around. Do not fly in areas with high-voltage wires, telecommunication stations, or television towers to avoid interference with the remote control.

3. Keep a safe distance from warm people.
When piloting, we ask you to keep a safe distance from warm people.

4. Fly with your drone to where you can see it.
When piloting, always keep your drone at a level where you can monitor it

5. Observe extreme weather warnings.
GPS signal is unavailable in the Antarctic and Arctic poles. Instead, you can use the visual drone positioning system. Beware and keep in mind that flying above 5,000 meters above sea level, Mavic Air’s flight status can be severely affected and this can have unintended consequences.

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