UAVs Used by the Police in Canada

to Bust Offender Doing Double the Speed Limit

uavs-used-by the-police-in-canada

Police in Canada use a new innovative method to fight dangerous driving – UAVs are their eye in the sky! Recently, the Police department in the city of Delta caught a driver, driving at 157 km/h with a speed limit of 80 km/h.
The use of drones gives police officers an incredible advantage over speedsters – they can monitor a wide area, and they can zoom in on offender’s license plates. With this new strategy, police officers are not trying to stop the offender and catch him – they are just waiting for the perfect moment for strategically placed police officers to react.

First Time UAV Has Helped Canadian Police Catch Speedster

The first time a UAV has helped Canadian police catch a speedster was on August 26. That day, police in Canada found a vehicle doing double the speed limit. As a result, the driver was served a ticket and the vehicle was impounded for 7 days.

It is not surprising that in Canada excessive speed tickets already have a higher cost – $483, being compared to $368 in the past. What is more – this ticket costs three points from the offender’s driving record, which immediately reflects the insurance cost as well.

The police are not just issuing speeding tickets anymore. They are also using UAVs (drones) to catch people who modify their cars for street racing. Recently, one vehicle was towed away because it had been mechanically modified to perform better at high speeds on the track and not be able to handle city traffic as well!

Using an UAV to film traffic enforcement is an innovative way for police departments throughout Canada to make their jobs easier. The footage captured with these devices has proven invaluable in capturing reckless drivers who put others at risk, and police officers wanted them on notice that this will not be tolerated!
The future use of UAVs will be more and more engaging, for sure. Multiple positives are definitely going to be discovered in the next years. The future of drones promises to be full of challenges and that will bring more jobs for drone pilots. The drone industry gets more engaged in socially important activities. Surveillance and protection are perfect done tasks for UAVs.

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