When should upgrade your drone?


The time we live in is very dynamic. The Drone market is constantly updated. New and new drones – brands and models, come on the market in a short time. Everyone strives to upgrade their previous models in terms of quality and included options. Technology is advancing and this competition between companies is leading to an abundance of the market.

What are saying the drone pilots about
when is time to upgrade your drone?

An interesting question is when it’s time to upgrade your drone? When a new model comes out or wait for yours to break?
We, at Earth of Drones, did a little research among active drone pilots who own different models of drones. We are interested in what they think about when it is time to renew our drone. When is time to upgrade your drone? Read their answers.

The interesting thing about the answers is that in fact, most pilots are willing to change their drone only when it has broken. About 60 percent of the respondents answered so. This means that they are completely satisfied with their current drones. They have different models and it is not possible to summarize which drone it is, but in general, the figures show this. Drone pilots like their drones and would not change them.
In second place are drone pilots, who say they would change their current drone when a new model comes on the market.
The next large group claims that they would replace their drone with a new one if the new one has more features than the current one and if the quality is higher. They are mainly looking for high-quality images that are taken with a drone.
There are also those who say that they will replace the drone when its warranty expires. If we have to summarize and analyze the survey data, we can say the following: Drone pilots love the new drones that come with upgrades. They are looking to improve the quality of the options of the drones they fly. They also evaluate the current drone models as sustainable and safe and rely on them. Perhaps the frequency with which new drones are placed on the market affects the frequency of replacement. This post is written on the basis of responding drone pilots in a large group on the social networks of pilots, owners of drones with the brand DJI.

A small percentage of respondents say they would never change their drone. This shows that they are completely happy with their drone. They are not affected by the launch of new drones and do not intend to replace their own.

Whatever drone you own, the important thing is to be happy and to fly smoothly and pleasantly.  To upgrade your drone or not – it is a matter of your own decision. There is obviously no exact rule as to when you should or should not change your current drone. If you are looking for improved options and higher quality, then you can look at the latest models on the market. However, do not forget about the rules for flying a drone and always check the latest news. If you are not sure whether the place where you will fly is allowed for drone flights, you can check here.

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