Zino Mini SE Drone Released –
Get 45-minute flight for $349


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Although we are still waiting for the Hubsan’s Zino Mini Pro, the manufacturer has another proposal for its clients – the ultra-light Zino Mini SE with 4K/30fps video, equipped with a ½.6 inch CMOS sensor. The standard version of this model is equipped with a single battery, coming at a price of $349, this drone turns to be a real competition for the just-released DJI Mini SE. Let us see what makes it so special!

At this price range and with a weight of only 249 g, Zino Mini SE is the ideal hobby portable drone that does not require registration in most countries, because of its low weight.

Zino Mini SE has a range of 3.7 miles or 6 km, thanks to Hubsan’s SyncLeas 2.0 transmission technology. Another important feature of this ultra-light drone is the AI-based subject tracking mode that uses ATVT 3.0. This technology has a great effect on tracking latency and accuracy.

Zino Mini SE can fly 45 minutes at most while flying at 6 m/s in windless conditions. The model is equipped with a 3,000 mAH Li-ion drone battery with automatic discharge protection. This hobby drone has excellent landing precision in low light.

Zino Mini SE can meet any budget! The standard version with a single battery comes at a price of $349, and the upgraded version, including a carrying bag, two batteries and the Intelligent Battery Management device worths $415. As a comparison, you can purchase Zino Mini Pro for $499, or get it on presale at $349.

A major difference between these two drones is their features and capabilities, which we will go into more detail about. Both come equipped with three-direction obstacle avoidance. This allows them to fly in any direction without getting stuck or crashing through obstacles!

When is Zino Mini SE Drone Expected to Come?

The estimated arrival of Zino Mini SE drone in U.S. market is September 30. However, having in mind the great delays of the Zino Mini Pro drone, we suspect it will be also delayed. In January 2021 the drone got the first results about the Māui dolphins, committing a continuous monitoring and data sharing plan.

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