DJI Mavic Mini 2 - on 4 November 2020?

Read what is the latest information on the new Mavic Mini 2

DJI Mavic Mini 2


Yes, that’s right. The release date of the brand new DJI Mavic Mini 2 is supposed to be on 4th November 2020. All pieces of information are leading to this date. And even more! They appear and photos of this small new drone.

The brand new Mavic Mini 2

Despite the fact, the DJI company release a new drone model so soon after the official release of the Mavi Mini 2 is a little confusing. Bur all drone fans will be satisfied with no doubt.

The new Mavic Mini 2 weighs only 249 grams. And this is not accidental. This weight is no need to be registered or need to have a Certificate to fly. That is fantastic news for the hobby drone pilots who fly for fun and pleasure. This may avoid registration by the authorities responsible for the bigger drones. This way the range of the people using and flying such small drones for their hobby is supposing growing significantly.
This small new drone has the perfect combination of the bigger drones – like a 4K camera providing one superior image quality. Also, the other specifications are improvements based on previous experience. Each next drone model is a better version of its previous.
The remote control is also well improved. It will give you 3 shooting settings buttons. You will have a Cinematic, Normal, and Sports Mode. The place where you put your phone here is on the top of the remote. In the previous model, the place for the phone was at the bottom of the remote. Another plus on the package of the new Mavic mini 2 is that it will come with a batteries charger hub for 3 batteries at the same time. There are also indicators for the charge level of each batterie. You can take this one with the full indicator lights and rest the others charging. The cable will be suitable for PC, cell phones, so this battery Hub will be really useful.

The transmission distance will be 10 kilometers. All other parameters will be clear in a short time, we hope. The publications lead that the new Mavic Mini 2 will be with almost the same shooting specifications. The size and weight are the major improvements. They are the real plus compared to the other drone models. With such a small and compact drone, everyone can be a drone pilot and satisfy flying above the ground. The small drones are taking a big part of interests in hobby and newbies enthusiasts who want to learn flying a drone and become professional pilots one day.

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